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Yogurt Makers

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Have you ever thought of checking your yoghurt's label? It's surprising what you'd find in it - all things artificial from sweeteners, flavoring, dyes, gelatin, and fructose corn syrup. Where then can you find the healthiest yoghurt that's low in calories, sugar and fat? Right in the comforts of home.

The electric REDMOND yoghurt maker can easily become your new favourite. Whether you love the traditional Greek or fruit-flavored variety, prefer fat-free, low-fat, or whole milk, you can prepare delicious frozen treats anytime. It's well worth an investment with the best and freshest yoghurt you'd ever taste!

Health Benefits of yoghurt

yoghurt is rich in calcium, vitamin D, protein and probiotics. The active cultures teeming in this super food brings a multitude of goodness:

  • great body with flat abs;
  • faster recovery after workouts;
  • teeth and gum protection;
  • better digestion;
  • alleviate constipation and diarrhoea;
  • stronger immune system;
  • enhanced skeletal health;
  • reduced risk of high blood pressure, colon cancer;
  • prevent yeast infections;
  • clearer, blemish-free skin;
  • lose weight as you feel fuller longer.

All-Natural Homemade yoghurt

Making your own yoghurt at home gives you control over the ingredients. It's basically made up of cultured milk or cream, to which you add fresh fruit, purees, or sweeteners like honey and maple syrup to keep your comfort food as natural as it can be.

True, the first few steps in the yoghurt-making process can be performed with standard equipment almost every kitchen has. You can perhaps use a pot and thermometer, a jar and a towel. However, the fermentation stage requires controlled heat within a protected environment.

An electric yoghurt maker ensures the right conditions for safe homemade yoghurt to serve your family. It takes the guesswork out of the meticulous process and lets you skip the science experiment! Modern appliances are more efficient in terms of energy consumption, shorter preparation times, and consistency in the overall process.

Buying a yoghurt maker online is relatively inexpensive. As UK's best offering, the RYM-M5401-E comes with the REDMOND hallmark of convenience built with electronic controls, backlit display, countdown timer, and manual disk dial lid for marking shelf life.

Get yours now. Make your own daily wonder and enjoy the benefits of yoghurt to the fullest!


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