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Yoghurt Jars

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Yogurt jar set REDMOND RAM-G1

The jars can be used with REDMOND multicookers or other yogurt making appliances:

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Homemade yoghurt trumps the store-bought types in all aspects. Using a yoghurt maker to whip up your own puts you in control of what goes into your creamy snack. You know for a fact that it's healthier and safer without the additives. Savings also add up, with cheaper total costs of basic ingredients and fewer trips to the grocer to pick up ready-made servings.

Equally important as the delicate yoghurt-making process is the container you use. You get the most probiotics and nutrients out of yoghurt at its freshest, and its healthy composition is retained only when properly stored. Glass material, without doubt, is the best way to ensure yoghurt quality inside and out!

Glass Jars VS Plastic Containers

Commercial yoghurt containers are often made from petroleum-sourced plastic. The harder ones generally have traces of BPA (bisphenol A) which comes with serious health risks. While some can be recycled and combusted, most plastics would never decompose in a landfill. Given that plastic can melt, chemicals leaking into your food remain a possibility.

Glass poses less risk of contamination with its natural chemically inert property. Airtight glass jars prevent moisture from seeping in, thus keeping your yoghurt safe from yeast, mold, and going stale faster. Let’s not forget how glass packaging contributes to a better world. Glass is completely recyclable and endlessly reusable, from enjoying yoghurt in all flavors to re-purposing to making fun DIY projects.

More Than A Jar

REDMOND glass jars are the safe choice for you and your family's health:

  • - Labelled lids let you mark the date and eliminate the guesswork as to preparation or expiration dates.
  • - Glass offers a classy, stylish presentation that won't go out of style.
  • - Our yoghurt maker comes with eight 180 ml glass containers, and if you need more, you can always get another four.

The jars are also compatible with our multi cookers and other yoghurt-making appliances. A glass jar is every yoghurt lover's essential. Choose REDMOND for the best quality jars, sustainability and maximum yoghurt freshness!


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