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Smart Coffee Makers

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An investment in time is essential to produce a good cup of coffee. From boiling water, grinding and brewing the beans, a single cup done to perfection can be a 15-minute process. Honestly, do you have the luxury?

Time, nowadays, is more golden than ever! In the end, what we long for is a hot morning drink for an energy boost. A relaxing cup as a saviour during long working hours, and to sit down to a cup on a beautiful afternoon. Enter the coffee maker - a great innovation created in pursuit of whipping up the perfect cup.

The Smart Coffee Maker

As an app-enabled device, the smart coffee maker offers convenience beyond the typical drip machine. Life is made easier with this brainy appliance! Simply load up your choice of beans and pour water in, connect to your smartphone, and you're all set.

REDMOND coffee makers, like the M1509S-E, will brew your drink on-demand via the Ready for SKy app. Advanced technology lets you remotely control your machine and set to automatically brew a day in advance. Coffee grinder and coffee maker in one, the M1505S-E is self-sufficient. It's programmed with a max 60-second grinding and single-click brewing, and will call you when your drink is ready. No spills and messy cleanups to worry about, only great coffee to fully enjoy!

Create Your Kind of Cup

Coffee lovers will delight in customization options to suit their preferences:

  • - Grind Coarseness. Delicate beans are handled with care and finesse during grinding to relinquish its rich flavors. Coffee grinds turn out exactly how fine you want them done.
  • - Coffee strength. While grinding before brewing delivers the freshest drink, adjusting the intensity of flavor lets you enjoy the most amazing, best-tasting coffee!
  • - Water temperature. The secret to the perfect cup? Coffee that's brewed in all the right temperatures and maintained until you take that satisfying sip.

Take advantage of a smart coffee maker's full potential by buying yourself a REDMOND!


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