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Ham Makers

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Ham press REDMOND RHP-M02

Usable for multicookers with bowl capacity less than 5 L, convection ovens or simple cooking pot.

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Ham is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, but is also high sodium and fat. Extra lean versions are healthier choices, though commercial ham is still processed meat. So if you really enjoy the food, you've got to have a ham maker at home! The press tool makes both cooking and eating ham more enjoyable.

Leaner, Healthier, More Delicious Ham

Meat is ideally pressed to make it leaner. The metal equipment utilizes force to squeeze and drain the fat out, while the meat conforms to the shape of its mold. Thermal treatment of food using the ham press does wonders with almost all kinds of meat. Pork, beef, chicken, fish and seafood with some seasoning and spice turn out to be amazing gastronomic specialties!

All it takes is your imagination and a bit of creativity to tweak recipes to cater to your taste. You can create authentic ham, bologna, meat rolls, and corned beef unlike any other. Homemade ham is quite delicious and satisfying without the guilt. Once you experience its rich natural flavors, you'll never buy processed cold cuts again! More importantly, nothing compares to serving the healthiest sandwich meat. With full control over ingredients, you know what you eat, and what your family eats.

Multi-Functional Ham Press Tool

REDMOND offers a versatile ham maker to suit every kitchen. Use the press tool on your: 

  • - multicooker-pressure cooker;
  • - pressure cooker;
  • - convection oven;
  • - air grill;
  • - ordinary stovetop dishware.

Our exclusive 20 recipes cookbook should get you started, with everything you need to know about meat preparation, determining weight and all the right proportions. Made from durable stainless steel, your ham press will be one long-term investment. Cleaning up is easy with dishwasher-safe detachable parts and housing. For hand washing, warm water and some mild dish soap will do. There's no better time to start eating and living better. Buy a REDMOND ham maker today!


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