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Smart Kettles

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What can be better than morning coffee? Water heated up in an eco-friendly kettle, then poured into a perfect cup! Introducing the smart kettle - a kitchen gadget that has optimized an electric kettle's potential to the benefit of the avid tea or coffee drinker.

How Does A Smart Kettle Stand Out In The Kitchen?

The newer, high-tech intuitive appliance offers:

  • - Absolute Precision. A smart kettle lets you select among variable temperature settings and heats water to the exact temperature.
  • - Connectivity. You are empowered over your kettle's activities via the mobile phone app, whether from your bed, office, or anywhere across the globe.
  • - Convenience. Smart home devices are made simpler and easier to use. Wi-Fi and bluetooth aside, the manual base controls allow for versatility.
  • - Sophistication. Premium material like stainless steel adds class to any kitchen in one industrial work of art.
  • - Top Efficiency. Not only are state-of-the-art smart kettles stylish, but will likewise trim your energy bills.

Living Smarter with a REDMOND

Heat water until it boils. This pretty much rounds up what your old kettle can do. Smart kettles are coined as such, for the robust tool can perform all traditional and electric kettle tasks, and a whole lot more!

Coffee is best with water heated at 95 degrees, green tea at 80, oolong at 90 and white tea at 85 degrees. You get to set the optimal temperature that brings out the best taste in your drink! Reheating is performed without boiling with the temp maintained for 2 hours on the M173S-E, and up to 12 hours on the SkyKettle M170S-E. Whichever model you buy, your new smart kettle will surely be far from ordinary and way less boring. Triple turn off protection - auto off when empty, when lifted from the base, and boil-dry prevention promote safety during use.

REDMOND is defining new standards in electric kettles. It's simply the finest you can get on a budget! Get yours today.


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