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Halogen oven REDMOND RAG-241-E

Power: 700-800 W

Heating element: halogen

Lid diameter: 22.5 cm

Temperature range: 60-250°C

Time range: 5-60 min

Power cord length: 1.5 m

Package Includes: cookbook “20 Recipes”, metal racks

Warranty: 2 years

€ 63.00€ 39.90
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Beautifully browned pastry, mouthwatering grilled steak, tender and silky fish, chicken with a crisp, golden crust. What would you do without cooking oil? With a REDMOND air grill, you'd do perfectly fine. Forget about the extra calories and cholesterol, but keep everything delicious!

Cooking Without Oil

Professional chefs and cooks have found the contemporary air grill better than traditional methods in many ways.

Virtually FAT-FREE Meals

Produce the healthiest and tastiest m eals with everything cooked without oil! Convection thermal food processing technology works its wonders to produce amazingly rich dishes. Hot air circulates around food in the RAG-241-E's chamber, rendering excess fat from:

  • meat;
  • fish;
  • and poultry.

Food is cooked evenly on the outside, while it remains delightfully juicy on the inside.

No Oil, No Mess

There'll be no greasy food, meaning no oily fingers nor stubborn stains on plates. Avoid build up of cooking oil splatters on kitchen walls and surfaces. You won't have to stick your head in that dirty old oven again! Cleaning up your air grill is as easy as lightly brushing, rinsing and wiping dry.

Save Time and Money

Save valuable minutes or hours as you cut back on cooking time. Enjoy huge savings with significantly less running costs of an air grill and inexpensive healthy meal preparations. Prepare the best home-cooked meals that're made even more affordable with absolutely no oil needed during cooking. A recipe book is included to help you make the most out of the best grill in the UK today.

Versatile Kitchen Appliance

An air grill's compact size makes for a great addition to your kitchen without taking up unnecessary space. REDMOND's ideal lid diameter is suitable for use with heat-resistant dishware and compatible with any brand of multicooker that has a 4, 5 or 6-litre capacity. Portability gives you a handy grill within reach anywhere you go, a feature perfect for caravanners and campers.Let go of traditional ways, the fatty foods and not the taste. Buy a REDMOND grill from our online shop, and get started right away on your journey to quick and easy, fat-free cooking!


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