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Multikitchen REDMOND RMK-M911E

Power: 860-1000 W

Bowl Capacity: 5 L

Bowl Coating: ceramic non-stick

Number of programs: 17 programs


Display: colour, LED

  • Keep Warm function
  • Reheat function

Warranty: 2 years

€ 169.00€ 149.90

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Multikitchen REDMOND RMK-M451E (Black)

Power: 860-1000 W

Bowl Capacity: 5 L

Bowl Coating: non-stick, ceramic

Number of programs: 13 automatic

Display: LED

  • "Keep Warm" function
  • Reheat function
  • Time delay

Warranty: 2 years

€ 129.90

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Running low on space? Kitchens of today simply have too many cooking gadgets. With every model arriving with different features to suit various purposes, each appliance takes up its own rightful spot on the counter. However, not every home has the luxury to accommodate tens of them! Just think of how much it all adds up, along with the clutter of operating manuals, parts to assemble and clean. What you need is one appliance to rule them all: A multi kitchen.

Save Big with a REDMOND

The multi kitchen is not just a space-saver, but gives you valuable savings on:

  • Cooking Hours - Multikitchens, meant to replace the stove and multicooker, are built with excellent efficiency to meet the modern lifestyle. Lengthy preparation and cook time is significantly cut back to your convenience.
  • Efforts - Cooking is made easy with multi-function programs, with 1000 settings for each, that does the job with a touch of a button. Cleaning up your REDMOND multikitchen won't be troublesome in the end.
  • Money - A multi kitchen is a wise investment for offering the most useful appliances every kitchen should have altogether in a single package. There'd be no overspending when you buy this kitchen item online, rather a surplus of features and functionality that exceeds its worth.

The Smart Choice

REDMOND's innovation solves the biggest kitchen problems in the UK. The REDMOND multikitchen takes up very little space, yet amazingly expands your cooking abilities to great heights! You can deep fry chicken or turkey, boil some soup, and bake a cake right in the same pot. You can do anything from slow-cooking to pressure cooking, slicing and dicing, and everything in between.

Ready to hop on endless explorations with your new kitchen partner? Select your choice of REDMOND multikitchen today to get the highest quality coupled with style, in a reasonably-priced product. Take control of your time and your budget, and enjoy thousands of dishes to try in one brilliant appliance!


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