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Floor Scales

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Smart floor scales REDMOND SkyScales 740S

  • Ultra-durable case
  • 4 highly sensitive weight sensors
  • Analysis of physique parameters

Powered by: 3 × ААА

Weight range: 5-150 kg

Increments: 100 g

Warranty: 2 years

€ 49.95

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Digital technology has paved the way for considerable improvements to the manner by which we get measurements. When it comes to floor scales, REDMOND is once again in the lead where obtaining, reading and managing weight becomes quite easy and fun!

Mechanical vs Digital Scales

The mechanical type is built with a set of springs and gears with a needle to indicate weight, providing users with a reading to the nearest kg. Lack of power requirement makes for a fairly hassle-free solution for basic use, though measurements tend to be less accurate.

A side by side comparison would show that the digital type is the more reliable and durable of the two. Digital scales offer precision with weight measurements displayed in 50 g increments, on top of a plethora of features and benefits. Granular readings are extremely important for some people such as athletes, those on a strict diet or have the diabetes condition. A digital scale plays significant role towards reaching their goals and achieving better overall health.

High-Tech Scales for A Healthy Lifestyle

Contemporary REDMOND scales present additional useful information including body mass and calorie intake, and offers the highest accuracy with 100 g increments:

  • REDMOND RS-730-E - save data of up to 10 users in this beautiful digital floor scale featuring eco-friendly raw materials in a fresh design.
  • REDMOND RS-707-E in green and pink. Watching your weight is easy with the clean view on the bright LCD display on this scale built with 4 weight sensors that provide excellent measuring accuracy.
  • REDMOND RS-708-E in black and silver. Four highly-sensitive sensors beneath the tempered glass platform offer precise measurements, while the low battery indicator promotes more convenient use.
  • SkyBalance 740S-E - obtain data about muscle, fat and your body's bone mass content via the Ready for Sky mobile app. Simply connect your REDMOND scale to your smartphone where you can create weight-tracking graphs based on the stored records.

REDMOND aims to help you get the most out of life by means of useful multi-functional UK devices made affordable. Order your digital floor scale online today!


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