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Household Appliances

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In the era of technology, REDMOND is in the forefront of the most advanced innovations in the best household appliances of today. It is our passion to provide the wisest, healthiest, and simply the best choices for individuals and the whole family. Whether you need a handy everyday assistant, the perfect cooking or cleaning partner, or simply want something new for your kitchen- we've got it all!

Life Made Easier

Contemporary REDMOND offerings provide everything you need for food preparation, cooking, personal grooming, and cleaning around the house. We've got:

  • multicookers;
  • breadmakers;
  • blenders;
  • BBQ grills;
  • electric kettles;
  • flat irons;
  • vacuum cleaners, and more.

Check out our online shop comprised of these practical, economical, and highly efficient products. You'll find mostly lightweight and compact appliances that run quietly, yet yields high-performance on any of its powerful functions. Built with smart features and tool enhancements tailored to your purpose, each REDMOND appliance is highly equipped to tackle household tasks big or small. There's one for the professional chef, the passionate cook who loves concocting a variety of different recipes, and anyone looking for ways to make life easier.

Multi-functional household appliances can help people living the fast-paced lifestyle keep up with daily demands towards leading a more successful life. Break-free from the burden of chores and unnecessarily time-consuming activities, and focus more on what truly matters.


Embrace technology and make way for the new! Endless possibilities opened up by a REDMOND product makes it a must-have in any home. You are certain of a good investment that will last long, and return a multifold of benefits beyond your money's worth.

Rejuvenate your place with our stylish creations that promote modern home convenience and healthy lifestyles not only in the UK but throughout the globe. Buy your very own REDMOND product now right from our online shop, and we'll have it delivered straight to your doorstep!


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