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What's the best way to start your day right? It's having a refreshing power gulp from freshly made juice to get you energised, and help you stay fit! Leading manufacturer of modern kitchen products in the UK, REDMOND presents again another great creation in the ingenuity of the slow juicer.

Does Speed Really Matter?

While juice yield and quality are important considerations when choosing a juicer, not many people are aware that juicing can actually be done either slow or fast. Slow juicing, alternatively called cold press juicing or masticating, presents a more effective way to incorporate well-balanced meals in your diet.

The REDMOND RJ-910S-E is built with a special gentle pressing system that extracts up to 85% of liquid from foods. Made of eco-friendly Tritan material, safety is likewise guaranteed. Squeeze fresh juice from all types of foods including firm fruits, vegetables, herbs and roots the typical juicer can't handle. Put in your favourite berries, apples, carrots, lemon, lime, ginger, spinach, and all the freshest picks in your slow juicer!

Slowly but surely, it gets the job done. This results to the highest juice yield without using too much heat, unlike speedy centrifugal extractors. Upon drinking your concoction, the body is flushed with antioxidants and can better absorb more nutrients. An easy-to-follow slow juice diet also aids in losing weight since the rich juice promotes satiety.

Benefits of Slow Juicing

The slow grinding motion of a juicer offers a myriad of benefits to health advocates and the entire family:

  • Slow juicing ensures optimal nutrition simply by incorporating cool and colourful drinks in daily servings, which even picky eaters would love.
  • Enhanced fibre retention in a drink which is greatly beneficial to the body's digestive system.
  • Maximise the benefits of fruits and vegetables on one's health with optimal amounts of vitamins and nutrients preserved during the process.
  • Maintains integrity of nutrients for 48-72 hours post-extraction, thus letting you refrigerate juice for later without sacrificing its quality.
  • Slow juicing is a fun way to keep your family healthy with fruits, veggies and tropical juices always on your table!

Making a good investment starts by finding an established brand, especially when it comes to your health. Buy from the REDMOND online shop if you wish to get the latest slow juicers primarily designed to suit your lifestyle and add elegance to your kitchen.


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