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Well-pressed clothing greatly impacts a person's appearance. It leaves a good first impression during a job interview, boosts confidence, and keeps your family looking presentable. Nicely ironed clothes make people look smarter, but you'll be one wise shopper if you choose to do it with a REDMOND iron.

The Usefulness of a Flat Iron

The clothes iron is a household appliance that has evolved over time. Remember that bulky, heavyweight old-school iron heated on stove tops, or any other version your grandmother used? A flat iron remains a purposeful tool for learning one of the personal grooming skills essential in life.

Ironing clothes is better than getting them dry cleaned or steam pressed. It preserves the condition of clothing without the use of harmful chemicals, and you help save the environment too. Like most people, we want to spend little time at the ironing board but would also love to see our wardrobe wrinkle-free. Having an efficient tool can cut back the time it takes you to iron clothes. Plus, the fact that you're doing it at home saves you money rather than paying for ironing at a shop.

With the REDMOND flat iron's latest technology, awesome features and fun colours, ironing will no longer seem like a chore! You can easily smooth out those creases and wrinkles, while you stay surprisingly comfortable gliding your way through clothing. You might even want to listen to good music or watch TV with an extremely safe device on hand.

REDMOND Innovations

Buy the best flat iron in the UK and experience the satisfaction of a neat pile of freshly pressed clothes! Enjoy the many conveniences of a REDMOND iron:

  • Ironing garments can be done with or without steam.
  • Temperature settings ensure the right amount of heat for the type of fabric.
  • Powerful steam shots you can even use for upholstery and drapes.
  • Economy steam supply mode for maximum reduced power consumption.
  • Vertical steam function for ironing garments with delicate fabric without having to take it off the hanger, or when you don’t have access to an ironing board.
  • Automatic shut-off: In the upright position or upon falling, like in the REDMOND RI-C222-E. In vertical and horizontal positions, like in the REDMOND RI-C220-E.
  • Overheat protection for your utmost peace of mind.

Choose from the REDMOND selections made available to you online. The RI-C244-E NEON FLASH series irons come in several colour options to suit your personality.


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