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Sandwich makers

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Sandwich maker REDMOND RSM-M1403-E

Rated power: 700 W

  • 3 sets of removable plates
  • Heating indicator
  • Availability indicator
  • Non-slip legs

Warranty: 2 years

€ 49.90
out of stock.

Sandwich maker REDMOND RSM-M1404-E

Rated power: 700-800 W

Number of removable plate sets: 3
  • Set of grill plates
  • Set of waffle plates
  • Set of sandwich plates

Warranty: 2 years

€ 49.90
out of stock.

Everyone loves a great sandwich, especially for breakfast, but not all people have the time to prepare one. The toasted sandwich maker is a boon to today's busy generation, whether you're a student, office person, or stay-at-home parent.

Quick and Easy Sandwiches

Simply toss your favorite meat and veggies in between bread slices, and let your sandwich maker do its magic! With a sandwich maker:

  • - Preparation is done with little to no mess.
  • - Eating healthier can be easily achieved.
  • - You serve your family the freshest foods.

Anyone can make awesome sandwiches! Buy a REDMOND, and you can do more.

Multi-Functional Sandwich Maker

The modern kitchen appliance comes with countless benefits, and its utmost potential is only brought out when you buy a sandwich maker of the best quality. REDMOND's robust creation works efficiently and offers versatility beyond sandwich-making. It only takes moments to produce a fantastic breakfast amid your hectic morning routine.

The RSM-1407-E lets you prepare four sandwiches simultaneously! The device is fast to heat up, quick to warm up your sandwich, and easy to clean. You can even take the conveniently compact and portable sandwich maker with you on your trip. Foodies will surely enjoy creating delectable sandwiches with their creativity as the only limit!

Moms and Dads will have fun making sandwiches with their kids. It's so fast and easy, anyone can enjoy a healthy snack at home or grab one for on-the-go. The RSM-M1404-E and RSM-M1404-E units are built with a remarkable 3-in-1 system with non-stick, interchangeable plates. You can grill dishes and make waffles apart from whipping up healthy sandwiches. Each sandwich maker is designed to use very little oil, cook bread evenly from all sides, and produce appetizing sandwiches with any filling you want.

REDMOND is committed to helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle. The electric sandwich maker is the best way to get started!


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