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Smart Scales

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Smart kitchen scales REDMOND SkyScales 741S-E

  • Measuring range: 2-5000 g
  • Number of high-sensitivity sensors: 4
  • Type of control: sensor
  • LCD display with illumination
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Built-in timer with audible indication
  • Overload indication

Measurement interval: 1 g

Devices enabled: Android, iOS 9.0 (in English)

Warranty: 12 months

€ 29.95

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Smart floor scales REDMOND SkyScales 740S

  • Ultra-durable case
  • 4 highly sensitive weight sensors
  • Control from a smartphone
  • Analysis of physique parameters

Powered by: 3 × ААА

Weight range: 5-150 kg

Increments: 100 g

Warranty: 2 years

€ 49.95

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Losing weight is no easy task. All the calorie counting, measurements, and portion control can be confusing and frustrating. Don't give up just yet! State-of-the-art digital scales offer a way to outwit your struggles.

A Smart Scale Can Do Wonders For Everyone

Dieters, you can now measure the calories in every single meal and record precise measurements for future reference. Through monitoring daily food intake, your chances of success are doubled!

Bodybuilders and athletes, you can efficiently build muscle and lose fat through measuring calorie and protein content of food. You've got what you need to track body fat, muscle mass, and body water changes every day. Anyone can start living a healthier lifestyle with smart weighing scale!

The ability to obtain accurate readings and send comprehensive data via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi provides the ultimate weight management tool.

Smart Kitchen Scales

The modern day kitchen scale can impressively:

  • - show the correct item weight, whether or not it's still on a plate;
  • - determine the protein, carbohydrate and fat ratio of any dish;
  • - calculate calorific and nutritional value of your meal;
  • - provide all the help you can get in cooking multiple-stage dishes;
  • - assist you in creating the ideal diet plan that will work for you.

Smart Floor Scales

Connecting a REDMOND smart floor scale to your phone and installing the Ready for Sky mobile app allows for real-time synchronization. It backs up previous stats and collates the most updated data, for you to easily access whenever and wherever you want.

Floor scales can be tailored to different users. You can be certain of the measurements, the time of day they were taken, and can easily compare to gauge your progress. You realize the connection between your weight and what you eat, thus paving the way for better food choices. Deciding on which smart home device to partner with is the first crucial step.

Choose REDMOND if you wish to buy today's best, multi-functional, family-friendly smart scale at the right price!


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