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Kitchen scales

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Smart kitchen scales REDMOND SkyScales 741S-E

  • Measuring range: 2-5000 g
  • Number of high-sensitivity sensors: 4
  • Type of control: sensor
  • LCD display with illumination
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Built-in timer with audible indication
  • Overload indication

Measurement interval: 1 g

Devices enabled: Android, iOS (in English)

Warranty: 12 months

€ 29.95
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Cooking instructions with listed ingredients requiring a cup, half-cup, or particular amount in different units can be overwhelming to see. Preparing meals doesn't have to be too complicated! Busy individuals, dieters, passionate cooks, professional chefs can benefit from the digital technology incorporated in a REDMOND kitchen scale.

Why Get a Digital Scale?

A digital food scale serves more than the purpose of weighing food but provides many additional advantages.


When it comes to preparing meals, it's essential to have all the right ingredients and mix the right amounts together. Slight discrepancies in weight can make a big difference in how your dish turns out. Accurate measurements ensure you get the perfect taste every time, and likewise packs in sufficient nutrients your body needs in the right serving size.


The best digital food scales in the UK are reliable for weighing ingredients using different measurement units and easily performs conversions as necessary. What you typically need would be pounds, grammes, kilogrammes, ounces, fluid ounces, and millilitres. The multi-functional REDMOND 724-E displays weight down to the gramme accuracy in measurements ranging from 2g - 5 kg. The tare feature subtracts a container's unladen weight from ingredients without having to remove or transfer it.

Better Health

An electronic kitchen scale provides an easy way to manage health right at home. You are empowered to achieve utmost well-being with the help of a digital food scale. By being aware of the kinds of food available, you make better food choices and effortlessly develop desirable eating habits.

A Simpler Life

Having a digital food scale makes life easier. No more miscalculations and speculations. The ultra-slim SkyScales 741S-E can be synchronised with your smartphone online to show:

  • product weight;
  • its corresponding calorific value;
  • the ratio of proteins;
  • fat and carbohydrates.

When preparing food in several stages, the built-in timer beeps to remind you to add ingredients at the perfect timing to blend well with the rest.

REDMOND: Appliances for Comfortable Life

REDMOND innovations have been designed to be easy and comfortable to use, built with the highest quality you deserve to produce the finest dishes. Buy a digital scale to serve delicious and nutritious family meals for everyone to share!


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