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Ceramic bowl REDMOND RB-C422

Fits the following model:

Bowl capacity: 4 L

€ 32.90

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Ceramic bowl REDMOND RB-C515

Fits the following models:

Bowl capacity: 5 L
€ 29.90

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Ceramic bowl REDMOND RB-C530

Fits the following model:

Bowl capacity: 4 L

€ 25.90
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Multicookers have revolutionized the automated cooking process. Did you know that the kitchen gadget comes with varying kinds of bowls? They differ in craftsmanship, material used, coating, features and uses. Buying a good one can mean the difference between a perfectly cooked meal you'd proudly serve on a plate, and a ruined dish because food kept sticking onto the bowl's surface. Quality is what matters most, and of course, the right bowl will depend on your cooking needs and preferences.


REDMOND appliances are defined by superior quality. Our multi cookers include non-stick, scratch-free, durable bowls that are excellent conductors of heat. Food will be cooked evenly on all sides and won't stick throughout any program. Meals will be healthier with nutrients preserved and smaller amounts of oil required for cooking. Dishes turn out more delicious too upon retaining the natural flavors in food.

Your multi cooker bowl options include:

  • - Stainless Steel Bowls. Corrosion and scratch-resistant bowl that's compatible with multi-cookers and immersion blenders. You can puree fruits and vegetables, make thick sauce and creamy soup directly into the bowl.
  • - Ceramic Coated Bowls. Better than teflon with exceptional non-stick and scratch-resistant properties. The REDMOND RB-C515 touts CERALON Swiss coating, a top-quality anti-adherent material manufactured without using dangerous acids to ensure safe cooking. The RB-C530 and RB-C302 with ANATO (Korea) coating provides eco-friendly options. These have been manufactured using the latest technologies to render an extremely durable multi cooker bowl.

Each of the REDMOND bowls, ranging from 3L to 5L, can be paired with other brands of multi-cookers.

Multi-Purpose Bowl

Behind successful multi-cooking is the REDMOND bowl, which can be used to:

  • - cook thousands of dishes;
  • - bake cakes and desserts;
  • - create homemade pizza;
  • - store food in the fridge;
  • - cook meals in the big oven.

Cooking is made easy with the use of state-of-the-art appliances and accessories. Get any of the REDMOND bowls and see the difference it can make!


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