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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Yogurt Maker

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Yogurt Maker

Love yogurt? Satiate your cravings with a yogurt maker! If you're unsure whether you should get or actually need one, here are solid reasons to own one and support that thought. Set aside your fondness of eating this delicious snack, being able to concoct the dairy wonder easily with a yogurt maker is highly beneficial in many ways. Smart consumers don't get tricked into buying any appliance. The fact that you're here doing your research guarantees you'll end up making the right decision!

1. Your Life Is Made Easier

Homemade yogurt can be made without any kind of machine, from heating the milk to inoculation of starter culture to incubation. So why bother using a yogurt maker? Doing it yourself means huge involvement in the process. In yogurt making, it's crucial that you maintain the right temperature as you heat and cool the milk. It takes several hours of constant checking and rechecking to ensure bacteria forms properly. You'd be setting up your oven, boiling water, wrapping jars in towels, using heating pads, and possibly staying at home and keeping yourself awake.If you have a yogurt machine, you've got everything you need. Yogurt can be made effortlessly any time of day, without any guesswork or experimenting, ready to eat at your convenience.

2. You are Empowered with Full Control

Don't fancy plain yogurt? Maybe you prefer yogurt topped with your favorite fruits, honey, or granola. Perhaps you like it frozen with the freshest berries. Delight kids with colorful sprinkles. You may even want to indulge with a few bits and pieces of chocolates! A yogurt maker gives you the freedom to add anything and everything you want. You are in control of each ingredient. You can lessen its sugar content and make better choices of what to put in your yogurt. There's nothing like freshly-made yogurt that's perfected according to your taste.

3. Yogurt Becomes Cheaper

Factor in the total cost of yogurt you usually incorporate in your meals. Do you pick the small container or one-quart servings from the store? A few dollars by the day adds up to a substantial sum. Using a yogurt maker, a box of starter can go a long way in making a couple of servings. You'd typically only need a half-gallon of non-organic whole milk to produce two batches of yogurt. Your investment will let you enjoy big savings in the long run.

4. Contribute to A Better Planet

Yogurt containers are made from plastic that's sourced from petroleum. The empty containers are either recycled or stuffed in a landfill, only to remain and never break down. REDMOND yogurt makers come with glass containers to help reduce plastic in your life. You also skip the trip to the store just to buy commercial yogurt, further saving on both money and fuel.

5. Enjoy Healthier Yogurt

    Store-bought types are loaded with:
  • preservatives;
  • extra sugar;
  • dyes and other artificial ingredients.
  • If you want to avoid these altogether, then make your own yogurt at home. Filling, low on fat, and high in protein, yogurt fits any diet including vegetarian and weight loss plans. Yogurt is chock-full of probiotics. At its freshest and without harmful additives, you attain optimal benefits including enhanced immune system, improved digestion and bone health towards a healthier you!

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