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Electric Kettles

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Smart kettle REDMOND SkyKettle M170S-E (White)

Power: 2000-2400 W

Capacity: 1.7 L

Housing material: stainless steel, plastic outer

Contact block: STRIX®

  • Plate heating element
  • Auto-off
  • Boil-dry shut-off

Warranty: 2 years

€ 129.90€ 99.90
out of stock.

Thermopot REDMOND PTR-M801

  • Stainless steel body
  • 3 modes of water heating
  • Power-on timer

Power: 750 W

Capacity: 3,5 l

Water tank material: stainless steel

Warranty: 2 years

€ 119.95
out of stock.

Still rushing around the house to silence a kettle's ear-splitting shriek? There's no better time to make way for the new. The modern day REDMOND electric kettle has become a viable, economical, and robust appliance that best replaces traditional vessels.

Key Functions and Features

These small devices are real time-savers:

  • Electric models promote optimal efficiency, speed, and functionality in the kitchen.
  • Boiling a couple of litres only takes as little as 3-4 minutes.
  • Get water hot enough at the ideal temperature that brings out your tea's full flavour potential.
  • Practical, portable, and very convenient to have whenever you need to heat water.
  • Contemporary designs endow elegance and instantly add value to your kitchen.

Benefits of An Electric Kettle

Each REDMOND electric kettle is built with innovative technology that offers several advantages.

Energy Savings

Help with energy conservation in your own little way when you buy an electrical-powered device. Stovetop varieties tend to waste energy during the process of boiling water, unlike the electric kettle which has coils primarily focused on heating up water rather than the vessel. Extra insulation keeps the water hot and eliminates the need for re-boiling.

Absolute Safety

An electric kettle is something you can simply turn on and enjoy a safe, worry-free automated process. It shuts off once the water completely boils, when the kettle is removed from the base, and to prevent water from running dry.


REDMOND electric kettles look great on any surface, with colours to match the theme of any UK kitchen. The RK-G127 boasts of an unforgettable design as the water performs a mesmerising bubble dance within heat-resistant glass amidst blue LED lighting.


Experience great comfort with enhancements such as the RK-M143E's ergonomic handles. You can even access all functions of your device using your smartphone with the SkyKettle M170S or M173S-E. Shop for the perfect REDMOND electric kettle online to place right in your home office to work and have tea at the same time.


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