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Top 8 Summer Salads

This summer, dare to try something new. Re-think your idea of a great salad! Stray from the same old feeble garnish of lettuce leaves and experiment with new ingredients, textures and dressings. Here are a few tips and tricks and the top 8 summer salads that will turn your side into a true star of mealtime.

Salad Tips for An Even Brighter Summer

Some ideas to capture your salad interest and inspire you to create your own recipe:

  • Herbs can magically transform the simplest combinations into a really special salad.
  • Beans and tofu provide bonus protein for an energy-giving salad to get you going on summer days.
  • Toss in some berries, watermelon, and various seasonal fruits for a sweet and sunny citrus flavor.
  • Make your own dressing to create a salad with only the freshest, all-natural ingredients.
  • Grilled vegetables add to the summer fun factor and never fails to produce unique salad flavors.

8 Mouthwatering Summer Salad Recipes

1. Barbecued Corn and Chorizo

Make the most of corn's sweetness by mixing it together with capsicum, tomato, avocado, coriander and lime juice in a wonderful salad bowl.

2. Summer Garden Salad

Salad leaves tossed in a little extra virgin olive oil, scattered over with traditional beetroot, radishes, celery leaves and spring onions, and finally topped with smoked trout fillet and a dollop of horseradish dressing.

3. Chopped Pepper and Chili Salad

Tomatoes, peppers and hot chillies are very easy to put together. What makes this salad so exciting is the addition of parsley and pomegranate syrup, which are perfect to go with chili and brings out the best summer flavors!

4. Roasted Tofu, Watercress and Carrots

Tofu, garlic, ginger, tamari and sunflower oil combined and roasted? A salad so moreish, gorgeously colorful, and yet again another reason to love summertime! Toss everything good-for-you, along with nicely cut carrots and watercress, into a refreshing and nutritious meal drizzled with sesame orange dressing.

5. Three-Bean Salad with Grilled Corn and Avocado

Pinto, Black, and Red beans make for a salad loaded with healthy nutrients. Combine grilled corn and beans in a salad plate, then toss with guacamole components such as avocado, cilantro, jalapeño, white onion, and lime.

6. Traditional Greek Salad

Summer can't go past without indulging in the freshest vegetables put together in a traditional Greek salad. Mix in tomatoes, peppers and cucumber for a simple yet awesome recipe! The delightful combination including oregano, black olives, red wine vinegar and of course, olive oil are altogether left to infuse in one bowl. Serve to impress with different-sized vegetable slices and cool-shaped wedges, halves or chunks, ultimately topped with big cubes of feta cheese.

7. Lemon-Cucumber Summer Salad

Enjoy every bite of fresh, vibrant, and crunchy lemony cucumber combo salad. It will surely complete the menu in any summer gathering!

8. Watermelon and Spinach Salad

Quinoa, ripe watermelon, toasted pumpkin seeds, spinach and feta, squeezed over with lime juice, deliver a fabulous and filling salad.

Enjoy original garden-fresh flavors on your weekend BBQ or family picnic, as a delicious light supper or some home-made lunchbox envy at work. Make sure to get yourself a REDMOND vegetable cutter for quick and easy, beautiful summer salad preparations.

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