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How to Choose a Bread Maker

How to Choose a Bread MakerLove bread? How about waking up to the aroma of gorgeously fresh bread? A breadmaker provides an easy, convenient, and cost-effective way to enjoy the baked goodness right at home. Typically, you'd knead the dough by hand, wait until it rises, wait again in between cycles, shape the loaf and put in the oven, then take the bread out when done.

With a breadmaker, it's like having a mini-bakery yet you don't have to know much about the tedious process of baking bread. Nothing complicated at all. Even beginners can bake a great loaf that's cheaper than store-bought types, and definitely healthier without the preservatives, GMOs and added sugar. Bread turns out golden and crusty just the way you like it!

Of course, all this depends on the machine you use. Here are two key questions to answer with some tips to help you choose the breadmaker that's right for you.

How Often Will You Bake Bread?

Evaluate the ideal frequency of your future bread baking venture. Some homes can consume a loaf or two in a day, while some people bake only during weekends or for special occasions.

If you think you'll be baking more often, consider a machine that allows for bigger loaf sizes or can bake two loaves of bread simultaneously. A timer would be perfect for prepping the bread or pizza dough even when you're away at work or asleep. For large families or those who often entertain guest would do best with a breadmaker that will hold at least 3 cups of flour. Some machines can accommodate recipes that require 4 up to 4-1/4 cups of flour. For smaller groups of 2 to 3 people, you may want to get one that comes with a smaller pan, since the freshest all-natural homemade bread can stale quickly.

What Kind of Bread Will You Bake?

If you're looking to explore beyond the standard white-bread loaf, choose a breadmaker that gives you an option for French bread, dessert breads and breakfast bread varieties. Check if it has settings for the gluten-free type or 100% whole-wheat bread if that's what you plan to bake.

Shape and size are also things you'd want to consider. Bread available in stores are mostly long and horizontal. Many breadmakers are designed to bake a vertical loaf with the crust forming on one end. Bread pans arrive in different sizes ranging from 1 pound to 2.5 pounds.

Life is made easier for it's just a matter of putting all the ingredients into the pan, and setting the program for the kind of bread you want. Some machines are built with an automatic fruit and nut hopper which adds these ingredients at the proper time during the kneading and rising process.

You'd always come up with fresh bread to serve your family and guests whether you want to have:

  • classic;
  • sweet bread;
  • whole-grain;
  • gluten-free;
  • French or European.

The best breadmaker innovations can do more than just bake bread to perfection. Pick a REDMOND multicooker for the job, and you can also make some porridge, soup, yoghurt, and refreshments with your bread machine!

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