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Delicious and Healthy Soup Recipes

Soups are a healthy, delicious entrée to most meals and can even be a meal unto themselves.

There is no need to buy canned soup, filled with preservatives and extra sodium as it is anymore. We have compiled this list of soup recipes so you can create nutritious and tasty alternatives at home that the whole family will love. And with your multi cooker, you can always create them quickly and easily.

1. Tomato Soup

One of the most popular varieties of soup, this is also one of the easiest to both source and prepare - 20 minutes and it is ready to serve. Calories per serving - 110.

Ingredient List:

  • • 500 g tomatoes;
  • • 80 g sweet pepper;
  • • 80 g onion;
  • • 70 g tomato puree;
  • • 10 g ginger root;
  • • 5 g chili paste;
  • • 30 ml olive oil;
  • • 600 ml water;
  • • Salt spices.

Cooking method:

  • 1. Dice all the vegetables and the ginger root into 1.5 to 2 cm cubes.
  • 2. Place all the ingredients into your multi cooker and select the 'Soup’ option. Let the program run its course.
  • 3. Remove the soup from the cooker bowl and place into a blender. Mix in the blender to attain the consistency you desire.

2. Spinach cream soup

The nutritious value of spinach was drilled into the psyche of countless children who watched the cartoon, Popeye. It is exceptionally high in iron content, perfect for boosting your exercise capacity, building muscle and burning fat. Just one hours and you will be savouring our healthy and delicious spinach cream soup. Calories per serving -68.

Ingredient List:

  • • 200 g spinach;
  • • 100 g tomatoes;
  • • 100 g onion;
  • • 20 g butter;
  • • 300 ml water;
  • • 100 ml low fat cream;
  • • Salt and spices.

Cooking Method:

  • 1. Dice the onions and tomatoes into cubes of 1 cm.
  • 2. Place them and all the other ingredients, apart from the cream, into your multi cooker and select the Soup’ option. Let the program run its course.
  • 3. Remove the soup from the cooker bowl and place into a blender together with the cream. Mix in the blender to attain the consistency you desire.

3. Minestrone

Ahhh, another absolute classic! Minestrone soup originated in Italy but has been eaten and enjoyed for its superb taste and health value all over the world for generations. Here is our take on the recipe that will have you sitting down to a delicious bowl in just 35 minutes. Calories per serving: 61

Ingredient List:

  • • 400 g tomatoes;
  • • 200 g carrot;
  • • 200 g onion;
  • • 100 g celery stalk;
  • • 100 g leek;
  • • 20 g parmesan cheese;
  • • 2 l water;
  • • 30 ml olive oil.

Cooking Method:

  • 1. Dice all the vegetables.
  • 2. Add the olive oil and the vegetables to your multi cooker and select the 'Fry’ option. Run the program with an open lid for 20 minutes, stirring as required.
  • 3. When the program completes, add the water, salt and spices. select the 'Soup’ option and set the time for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, finely grate the parmesan.
  • 4. When the program completes, add the cheese and serve.

These are three of our all-time favourite soups, and each has been designed with the right mix of ingredients for maximum benefit. However, there are literally dozens of healthy variations on these basic but delicious soup recipes; you can add or remove vegetables and adjust the spices to your palate. It’s all part of the culinary discovery you are on with your multi cooker, destination: a fitter, healthier you!

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