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Robot vacuum cleaner REDMOND RV-R280

Kurze Modells Beschreibung

REDMOND R280 is an ultra-slim 2-in-1 robot vacuum cleaner that can automatically perform both dry and wet cleaning. The unit's high-capacity battery gives the robot vacuum cleaner up to 60 minutes of non-stop operation.

Low noise level

The noise level of the R280 during cleaning does not exceed 65 dB, so the robot vacuum cleaner will not disturb your rest or work and will not disturb the neighbors.

"2-in-1": for dry and wet cleaning

Rotating side brushes pick up dust and debris even from room corners and along walls and sweep them into the container-dust collector.

To wipe your floors, set up a rag damp mopping nozzle, wetting it with water beforehand. The robot vacuum will be able to clean tiles, laminate or linoleum.

3 cleaning modes

Using the remote control, you can manually set the direction of movement of the appliance, or select one of the preset modes of operation:

• In automatic mode, R280 automatically routes and cleans the entire area of the room.

• In corner cleaning mode, the robot vacuum will move along walls, furniture, and other objects, collecting dust and debris around the perimeter of the room.

Fixed area cleaning mode is designed to remove localized dirt. The appliance will move in a spiral, gradually expanding the cleaning area.

Obstacle detection

Built-in obstacle detection sensors are responsible for the robot vacuum cleaner's gentle movement during cleaning. The R280 recognizes and bypasses furniture, fixtures, decorative vases, and other furnishings.

Double filtration

The staged filtration system allows cleaning not only the floor surfaces, but also the air in the room. After the pre-filter, the air passes through an EPA filter, which traps the smallest dust particles, some allergens and bacteria.

REDMOND robot vacuum cleaner R280: vacuum with pleasure!

Technische Daten

Type robot vacuum cleaner
Power 18 W
Battery type li-ion
Battery voltage 14.8 V
Battery capacity 800 mA*h
Power adapter input voltage 100–240 V~, 400 mA
Power adapter output voltage 24 V , 600 mA
Electrical safety Class II
Suction power 13 W
Exhaust filter class EPA-filter + microfilter
Dust compartment capacity 250 ml
Noise level 65 dB
Continuous operation time up to 60 minutes
Full charge time 5 hours
Number of cleaning modes 3
Remote control available
Remote control power source 2 × LR03 (AAA)
Indication LED, audible
Obstacle sensor 5
Wet cleaning feature available
Overall dimensions Ø290 × 70 mm
Net weight 1.75 kg
PACKAGE INCLUDES: - robot vacuum cleaner
- remote control
-power adapter
- brush set
- wet cleaning attachment
- exhaust ЕРА-filte
- cleaning brush
- user manual
- service book
Warranty 2 years
*The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to the design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

Programme und Funktionen

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