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Thermopot REDMOND PTR-M801

Kurze Modells Beschreibung

REDMOND RTP-M801 Thermopot is a modern, practical and capacious appliance that allows boiling or pouring hot water at any time. A magical 2-in-1 appliance: a reliable electric kettle and a stylish super thermos. The thermopot is essential at the cottage, in the country house, in the flat, in the compact office, in the car, on the beach or on a picnic. Take it with you wherever you go thanks to its organic and sturdy handle.

Thermopot M801 has a number of advantages: stainless steel body, power-on timer for boiling water by the required time, stylish operation indicator, clear electronic control with a bright LCD display, neat backlight of the water level scale, limescale filter, removable lid for maximum convenience and boil-over mode.

M801 offers a choice of 3 modes of water heating and temperature maintenance: 65°C, 85°C, 98°C. You can always enjoy a hot beverage quickly and easily!

REDMOND Thermopots. Hotly beloved!

Technische Daten

Power 750 W
Voltage 220–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Electrical safety class I
Capacity 3.5 l
Water tank material stainless steel
Number of ways to supply water 3
Water boiling available
Mode to maintain the desired water temperature 65, 85, 98°C
Indication of operating modes available
Water level graduated scale backlit
Display LCD
Removable lid available
Anti-calc filter available
Removable power cord available
Water supply lock available
Carrying handle available
Power cord length 1.2 m
Overall dimensions 310 × 224 × 322 mm
Net weight 2.7 kg
- User manual
- Service book
Warranty 24 months
* The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to the design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

Programme und Funktionen

Stecker Typ
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