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Juicer REDMOND RJ-914S

Una breve descripcion del modelo

REDMOND RJ-914S is the newest juicer with a cold-pressing system. RJ-914S allows you to squeeze the maximum volume of juice from foodstuffs while maintaining maximum nutrients.

Direct cold spin

The RJ-914S's direct juicing technology allows processing fruits and vegetables with much higher quality than with a conventional juicer: the RJ-914S has a juice yield of 85% of the total product weight.

REDMOND auger juicer works not only efficiently, but also very gently. Thanks to its unique screw design the RJ-914S does not heat the products during processing: the juice does not oxidize and retains 50% more vitamins and trace elements than in centrifugal juicers.

For all products

RJ-914S works like a strong press, allowing you to get juice even from ingredients that conventional juicers can't handle. You can make a vitamin drink from hard fruits and vegetables, as well as herbs, roots, and even wheat sprouts.

Shutoff valve

At the hole for the juice outlet there is a shutoff valve, which allows you to easily drain the finished juice from the filled cup without stopping the juice extraction.

Reverse function

If you have put too much fruit or vegetables into the juicer and the accumulated mass of food is preventing the juice from coming out, use the reverse function. The auger will start rotating in the opposite direction, redistribute the products inside the working compartment, and you can continue to prepare a drink.

Convenience and safety

The legs of the juicer are equipped with suction cups, which ensure maximum stability of the appliance even during intensive work.


RJ-914S comes with a cookbook for making various juices from fruits, berries, vegetables and herbs. Each recipe contains detailed information about what vitamins and minerals the ingredients contain, and what benefits to the body will bring the finished fraiche.

REDMOND juicers. Squeeze out all the juices.

Caracteristicas tecnicas

Type of juicer screw
Control type mechanical, electronic
Type of screw juicer vertical
Colour silver
Rated power 200 W
Max power 400 W
Body material plastic
Motor type DC
Speed 55 rpm
Number of available speeds 1
Noise level 64 dB
Loading hole diameter 35 x 45 mm
Neck size 35 x 45 mm
Juice reservoir 600 ml
Juice level indicator Yes
Pulp reservoir 600 ml
Number of screws 1
Mesh material stainless steel
Direct juice pouring system yes
Automatic pulp ejection yes
Reverse yes
Rubber feet yes
Loading tray yes
Cleaning brush yes
Drip-stop yes
Locking when assembled incorrectly yes
Protection from overloading and overheating yes
Protection from being turned on accidentally yes
Protection from electric shock class I
Length of power supply cable 1.2 m
Dimensions 155 × 145 × 390 mm
Net weight 3.3 kg ± 3%
- cleaning brush
- juice cup
- pulp cup
- usage manual
- service manual
- recipe book
Warranty 2 years
*The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to the design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

Programas y caracteristicas

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Pago seguro

Encontraste 120 huevo(s) y 23 conejo(s). descuento de — 20%!