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Articles | REDMOND

  • What Do Crossfit Athletes Eat

    Having a well-balanced nutrition benefits not only CrossFit competition athletes, but all everyday Crosfitters out to get in shape. Eating the right diet will set you up towards better health and your best performance. What you eat sculpts both mind and body. So what do crossfit athletes eat everyday?

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  • Glamping Guide For Beginners

    Camping doesn’t have to mean eating cold baked beans out of a can. Here we provide you with tips and tricks on how to enjoy the great outdoors with our very own glamping guide.

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  • Your Healthy Lifestyle Secret

    Keeping a healthy, balanced diet can seem almost impossible when you have a busy routine. It’s easy to fall back to junk food and quick sugar-laden snacks to keep your energy.

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  • Which appliance is right for you?

    We all have a favourite meal, drink and sweet treat, but which appliance is the right one for you? Check out the features that our Multi Cookers offer to help you to decide on your culinary investment!

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  • Many functions - one Multi Cooker!

    In a rush, don’t have enough time and always on the run? With more responsibility comes less free time. It’s difficult to find a balance between work and home not to mention finding time to spend on hobbies and with friends. REDMOND understands this concern and has created a Multi Cooker designed to help you revolutionize your life so you can spend your time where it matters most.

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