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Which appliance is right for you?

We all have a favourite meal, drink and sweet treat, but which appliance is the right one for you? Check out the features that our Multi Cookers offer to help you to decide on your culinary investment!


Steaming food allows you to retain more vitamins and minerals than any other cooking method. Traditionally, steamers can be bulky items to store, which is why REDMOND’s Multi Cooker provides a great alternative for the next time you want to steam your vegetables!


Nothing beats the taste of fresh, homemade bread! Breadmakers will help you to make a good, high-rising loaf. The next time you’d like a homemade batch you won’t have to pay out for a dedicated appliance, your REDMOND Multi Cooker will take care of it!

Pressure cookers

An ordinary pressure cooker heats meals at a high pressure. It is airtight, so nobody can open it during the process. REDMOND’s pressure Multi Cooker is different. It roasts, stews, and bakes, all without you needing to check it. With a steam valve, the lid will seal, but in contrast to the ordinary pressure cooker, you can open the lid and stir, add to and taste your dish whilst you cook it.

REDMOND pressure Multi Cookers have a four-level security system which prevents excessive pressure. This means your cooking is safe and secure.

Multi Cookers

This is why REDMOND Multi Cookers are indispensable.

Whether you want a bowl of soup, a slice of bread to dip in it, or a dessert to enjoy afterwards, the Multi Cooker will offer what you need in less time, with less cleaning, all whilst taking up less space.

Save your time, money and space in the kitchen and buy a Multi Cooker designed with you in mind to fit your lifestyle.

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