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Robot vacuum cleaner REDMOND RV-R350

Una breve descripcion del modelo

The RV-R350 robot vacuum cleaner is a modern household helper from the REDMOND brand. The appliance is designed to clean rooms without human intervention.

Standalone operation

RV-R350 does not need to be plugged in - the vacuum cleaner works without a cord. The appliance automatically detects the path of movement for cleaning: sensitive sensors of obstacles help the appliance to recognize tables, cabinets, sofas and other furniture.

Cleaning up to 80 minutes

The electronic vacuum cleaner runs continuously for 60-80 minutes. RV-R350 is capable of taking up to 200 ml of debris in a single sweep: it cleans parquet, laminate, linoleum, tile and carpeting perfectly from dust, pet hair and small debris. It takes four hours to fully charge the appliance, and then it's ready to use again.

Dry and wet cleaning

Robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with special side brushes, allowing high-quality dry cleaning of carpets, parquet and other coatings. RV-R350 also comes with a wet-cleaning nozzle, so you'll have no problem cleaning up tiled floors in the bathroom, for example.

Silent cleaning

The noise level of the robot vacuum cleaner does not exceed 65 dB. Unlike corded vacuum cleaners, the appliance is virtually inaudible. Thanks to this you can relatively silently clean up in the kitchen or living room while the baby sleeps in the bedroom.

LED indication

A light indicator helps to determine the level of charge of the vacuum cleaner. The indicator light turns purple when the appliance is fully charged and ready for use. Or blinks red if the appliance needs to be charged.

Easy care

To clean the vacuum cleaner, simply wipe the appliance and the charging station with a soft cloth. The dust canister, side brushes and wet-cleaning nozzle can be gently rinsed with tap water.


Compared to traditional corded vacuum cleaners, RV-R350 does not require much storage space. The diameter of the vacuum cleaner is 32.5 cm and the height is 8 cm. The appliance will be a godsend for owners of studio apartments, small country houses and other premises.

REDMOND RV-R350: cleaning is a matter of technique!

Caracteristicas tecnicas

Type robot vacuum cleaner
Power 15 W
Suction power 10 W
Battery type Ni-Mh
Battery voltage 14.4 V
Battery capacity 850 mA*h
Power adapter input voltage 100~240 V~, 50–60 Hz, 500 mA
Power adapter output voltage 19 В , 600 mA
Electrical safety Class II
Exhaust filter class microfilter
Dust compartment capacity 0.22 l
Noise level 65 dB
Continuous operation time 60–80 minutes
Full charge time 4 hours
Indication LED
Obstacle sensor 4
Wet cleaning feature available
Overall dimensions Ø325 × 80 mm
Net weight 1.7 kg
PACKAGE INCLUDES: - robot vacuum cleaner
- battery
-power adapter
- brush set
- wet cleaning attachment
- exhaust microfilter
- user manual
- service book
Warranty 2 years
*The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to the design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

Programas y caracteristicas

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