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Meat grinder REDMOND RMG-1205-8-E (Black)

Brief description

The REDMOND RMG-1205-8-E meat grinder is a modern, multifunctional device that combines high quality, safe materials with a modern design. It has a powerful motor that can easily and effectively handle all of your tasks with a low noise level.

  • grind meat to your desired consistency
  • make sausages or mince
  • slice or chop vegetables and fruits
  • press fresh juice from berries, soft fruit or vegetables

Select the proper attachment and everything else is a breeze!

Technical characteristics

Category Meat Grinders
Voltage 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Maximum Power 2000 W
Rated power 700 W
Capacity 2.7 kg/min
Number of speed modes 1
Reverse function available
Congestion safety available
Sausage attachment available
Mince attachment available
Vegetable chopping cylindrical attachments (grater, shredder) available
Screw squeezer available
Ground meat discs with various perforation available
Package includes: - Motor drive unit
- Meat grinder screw
- Meat grinder blade
- Retaining ring
- Ground meat perforated discs (3 pc.)
- Pusher with an attachment storage
- Mince attachment base
- Mince attachment
- Sausage attachment base
- Sausage attachment
- Cutting unit
- Grating attachment (3 pc.)
- Shredding attachment
- Cutting unit square-topped pusher
- Squeezer unit
- Squeezer screw
- Squeezer strainer
- Squeezer retaining lid
- User manual
- Service booklet
Warranty 2 years
* In accordance with the policy of continuous improvement, the manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to design, packaging arrangement, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

Programs and Features

Temporarily out of stock
2 years warranty
Secure payment

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