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Your Personal Assistant for a Healthier Lifestyle — REDMOND Multicooker


One key to a healthy lifestyle and success is a proper nutrition. How can you cook delicious and healthy meals without losing valuable time?

The answer to this question is simple, but connecting healthy food with food prepared quickly just doesn’t seem possible. It can be hard to imagine a delicious, low calorie, relatively complex dish which can be cooked with minimal effort.

Finding a balance between healthy eating and time management can be difficult. Some people try to eat healthier by cutting back on salt, sugar, and fat while others try to save time by eating junk food or semi-finished goods. Others try to be healthy by eating only steamed food. These are all mistakes in leading a healthy lifestyle, but we have a device to meet all of your needs and help you lead a healthier lifestyle no matter what your circumstance.

The prototype of the modern multicooker was first created in Japan for cooking rice. The purpose of creating this multifunctional device was to cook healthy and delicious meals quickly. REDMOND’s multicooker is extremely simple to use and doesn’t require you to hang out in the kitchen while you wait for your meals to cook. Now you can simply put all of the ingredients in the multicooker and select the proper program.


Designed to help you cook your meals to perfection every time! Some models of REDMOND multicookers come equipped with 3D heating which provides the best results in helping your meal retain its natural vitamins and minerals. The heating elements are intelligently placed deep and uniformly in the multicooker bowl making it possible for the machine to reach the optimum temperature as well as reducing the time it takes to cook.

Thanks to its delicate heat treatment system, the food retains all of its vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. It also makes incredibly healthy and tasty meals. Food cooked evenly retains not only its natural vitamins and minerals, but also its natural aroma. The built-in microprocessor controls the operation of the device protecting your meals from sticking and carcinogenic substances.


Multicookers are becoming more popular as they have been proven to prepare healthy meals effortlessly. Temperature control and Delay Start functions give you the option of making a meal at any time. For example, in the morning you can put your ingredients in the cooker, select a program, and return home from work to a nice warm meal already prepared. Want nutritious oatmeal for breakfast? Nothing is easier! In the evening, pour water or milk and oatmeal in your multicooker and wake up to the fragrant smell of freshly cooked oatmeal.


With our multicookers, you can use less oil or fat to cook with which remarkably diminishes the amount of calories in your meal. Easily cook a number of healthy meals in your multicooker such as salad, soup, oatmeal, yogurt, and steamed food. What your multicooker can do depends on which model you have. All REDMOND multicookers offer programs guaranteed to help you live a healthy life and have a healthy diet.

"OATMEAL WITH MILK" - cooking oatmeal in the traditional way on the stove requires your attention and presence in the kitchen controlling and monitoring the process making sure the oatmeal doesn’t burn, etc. Cooking it in the multicooker doesn’t require your presence and is really easy; simply pour the milk / water in the bowl, pour in the oatmeal, and turn on the appliance. The multicooker will take care of everything and we can simply wait and do something else while waiting.

"STEAMING" - what’s better for our health than steamed meals? Just pour water in the bowl, place your food in the steam basket (burgers, fish, vegetables, seafood, and poultry).

"YOGURT" - some REDMOND multicooker models make it possible to make your own homemade yogurt, retaining all of the natural vitamins and minerals invaluable to your yogurt.

"STEW" - another great program for a healthy diet! This program makes it possible to simply and conveniently cook meat as well as fish and vegetables.

"MULTICOOK PROGRAM" - the multicook program enables you to use your imagination and experiment with your cooking. With this program, you have the possibility to change the time and temperature of the program you select. It significantly increases the meal options you can fix in your multicooker.

The multicooker makes it easy to cook any dish that will always be fresh and ready on time. Let the multicooker do the work for you while you eat healthier, tastier food and spend more time with family and friends. It’s irreplaceable when it comes to preparing meals either for a couple or for a family. Greatly reduce the time you spend in the kitchen and spend that time where it matters most—with friends and family!

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