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Pressure cooker, steamer, breadmaker? Choose a multicooker!

Manufacturers offer a wide range of appliances with the purpose of reducing the time you spend cooking. To purchase multiple appliances not only costs more money, but also takes up more space. So, which appliances should you choose? How can you decide?


Pressure cookers and multicookers are very similar appliances and often even look identical. The pressure cooker’s function is to cook meals at a high pressure while saving you time. It is hermetically sealed so no one can open it during the process. On the other hand, multicookers are safe and easy to use, can offer more functions and are more compact. They roast, stew, bake and can do it all without requiring continuous monitoring. REDMOND offers the best of both worlds with the combination of the REDMOND pressure multicooker.


Steaming retains more vitamins and minerals in food than any other cooking method, but the steamer is a very simple device with limited capabilities compared to a multicooker or even a pressure cooker. Additionally, they can take up a lot of space and aren’t easy to store.


It’s understandable why you are interested in a breadmaker. Nothing beats the taste of fresh, homemade bread! Breadmakers make the baking process easy to cook and clean with less hands-on time and higher rise. However, you still have to buy yet another appliance which would take up more space in your kitchen.


Multicooker- a universal solution which can replace all of the above appliances. Every woman dreams to have an appliance that can do the cooking for her. Why just dream if there’s already an affordable solution on the market? Instead of wasting your time, thinking and analyzing the pros and cons of buying separate appliances for your kitchen (pressure cooker, steamer, breadmaker) why not just buy a multicooker and eliminate all of the headache.

The multicooker is the only universal solution which allows you to save space in the kitchen and money in your wallet buy buying just one appliance. You can also find this device combined with a pressure cooking function. The pressure cooker mode significantly reduces the time and effort normally required by steamers and provides you with more opportunities to have a healthy diet. With REDMOND multicookers, you can easily cook almost every meal: pastries, dessert, soup, oatmeal, drinks, seafood, and jam.

You can choose to cook with the lid either open or closed in either the multicooker or pressure multicooker. Cook all of your meals on high pressure while retaining all of the vitamins and minerals. The REDMOND pressure multicooker has a steam valve which becomes sealed like an ordinary pressure cooker after you close the lid. However, in contrast to the ordinary pressure cooker, the pressure multicooker allows you to open the lid, stir the ingredients around, add more ingredients if you so desire, and taste it. Additionally, REDMOND pressure multicookers have a 4 level security system which prevents an excessive amount of pressure and too high temperatures, so the device is safe and doesn’t create any additional hassles. Another advantage when buying a multicooker is low energy consumption. The average power of a multicooker is 500-700 W power.


The multicooker is an indispensable household appliance. Save your time, money, space in the kitchen and buy a multicooker designed with you in mind to fit your lifestyle and make your life easier.

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