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Update on the REDMOND Multicooker M150

In January 2014: REDMOND introduced a new and improved version of the RMC-M150. It has the innovative MASTERCHIEF function, a voice guide, and braille on the control panel.

The MASTERCHIEF function greatly enhances the functionality of the multicooker and gives the user more options: create and record your own programs and save it in the memory or change the time and temperature of any program during the cooking process.

Learn more about the MASTERCHIEF function

The voice guide on the REDMOND M150 voices the settings and tells you when your meal is ready. Braille on the control panel is convenient for the visually impaired.

This multicooker also comes equipped with the MULTICOOK program which has a range of manual settings and the temperature can increase to 180°C. The KEEP WARM feature has been updated, and it now automatically disables when the temperature is below 80°C. The sensor panel makes it easy to use any program at the touch of a button. It has an LCD display which is easy to read in both bright and moderate lighting, and it has a sound signal which can be disabled if necessary. There are 46 programs: 30 automatic programs and 16 manual programs.

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