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The IH300 induction multicooker captivated the audience at the international exhibition fair in Paris!

REDMOND once again surprised the international community with its latest development in the sphere of household appliances. The IH300 induction multicooker was showcased this year at the 110th annual fair in Paris.

The main feature of the IH300 is its revolutionary system of induction heating. Its ability to maintain the optimum heat balance allows all of the ingredients to retain their vitamins and minerals, and its accurate temperature control enables your meal to cook to perfection every time. Let the IH300 take you to a new culinary level by combining modern and economical technology with healthy eating.

All REDMOND products are modern, functional, and technological. At the Foire de Paris, REDMOND demonstrated these characteristics by displaying multicookers with the latest in design, the MASTERCHIEF feature in the RMC-M150 and RMC-250 models. The leading company in developing modern and multifunctional household appliances, REDMOND, engineered a function for the multicooker which allows you to modify a program according to your tastes or preferences and to create new programs.

REDMOND’s multifunctional breadmaker caught the eyes of many at the exhibition. The RBM-M1900 is one of the latest models released by REDMOND in 2014. This breadmaker combines a variety of kitchen appliances into one. Due to its wide range of functions, you can make bread, dinner and desert for the whole family.

Visitors to REDMOND’s stand were invited to not only get acquainted with new technology and the latest company developments, but also to take part in a master class and dish tasting with a REDMOND multicooker. Special guest, renowned chef and restauranter, Michel Rocher, cooked a traditional Maghreb and Southern European dish as well as a delicious French dessert. Chef Rocher said he had no idea how easily the REDMOND multicooker could cook even the most sophisticated dinners. He said, “I load the necessary ingredients into the multicooker, close the lid, and after a few minutes have a great meal. You just go do your business and a hot meal will be waiting for you on the table. Is this not the kitchen of the future?”

The Foire de Paris is an annual, international gathering of up to 600,000 visitors and thousands of brands from across Europe, Asia, and America representing the best innovations and technological solutions for the modern lifestyle. As a newcomer to the exhibition, REDMOND presented many universal ideas and solutions of functional and reliable appliances.

With each passing year, REDMOND is constantly improving technology for the kitchen, paying attention to not only the diversity of the meal, but also the quality it. REDMOND appliances equal quality, reliability, time and tradition. 

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