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IFA 2016 in Berlin: Europe takes a step into the future with REDMOND

IFA 2016, one of the biggest events in the home appliances and consumer electronics sphere, took place in Berlin from September 2- to September 7. Alongside the most famous and successful brands known today, REDMOND revealed its own all-new Smart Home developments at the international trade show.


The brand presented home appliances, top-of-the-line multicookers, and Smart Home devices controllable from across the world directly via a smartphone. Some models of REDMOND smart appliances have already been introduced to the European market, while others will hit the market momentarily. Europeans were able to fully evaluate the incredible possibilities revealed by REDMOND to those who have an affinity for creating smart homes of their own. European partners and attendees of the exhibition had the chance to test these smart devices and see for themselves that the future is already here thanks to the REDMOND smart appliances!

Smart light bulb sockets and smart plugs provide for the possibility to control lighting as well as the operation of all home devices from a distance. You can begin heating your water in the smart kettle and brew coffee for breakfast early in the morning while still lying in bed using the smart coffee maker with just one click in the app. witch on the climate equipment while away from home to always maintain a pleasant atmosphere inside your home. No need to come back home just to unplug the smart iron you left on, as you can turn it off while in the car on your way to work! Cooking in smart multicookers M800S-E and M92S-E’s delights are two-fold: you can control all the functions and cooking programmes from your smartphone, assured that all of your dishes will be to die for. The presentation and dish tasting organized by REDMOND’s chefs definitely convinced booth visitors of that. The chefs used the smart multicookers to prepare mushroom risotto, potatoes with bacon, chocolate cake, and plum pie.

REDMOND's Chrome and Bronze series innovation, the multikitchen SkyKitchen CBF390S-Е with the MasterFry® function and smartphone remote control, piqued particular interest amongst the booth visitors. Indeed, with the help of this premium model you can cook automatically both in a bowl and a frying pan, as well as in any heat-resistant utensils of suitable diameter that render the cooking process as comfortable as possible. The CBF390S-Е is a true next-generation programmable stove!

REDMOND representatives held quite a number of meetings and negotiations with partners over the five days of the exhibition. All the appliances and devices displayed at the booth were met by keen interest both among professionals working in the small appliances field and regular visitors. Thus, REDMOND efficiently continues to promote the Smart Home line-up on the European market and gain the support of advanced European users. REDMOND Smart Home – take a step into the future!

REDMOND’s prepared a special gift for its customers in commemoration of IFA 2016 in Berlin: 20% off all REDMOND appliances at the German-language online store until September 30!

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