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Smart robot vacuum cleaner REDMOND RV-R650S WiFi

Breve description du modele

The REDMOND RV-R650S antibacterial robot vacuum cleaner is an innovative device for dry and wet cleaning, equipped with an ultraviolet lamp. This device will leave your home spotless and bacteria and virus-free.

With a fully charged 2600 mAh li-ion battery the RV-R650S can run continuously for 140 minutes, enough for a careful clean of a spacious 3-room flat. The reliable Japanese-made NIDEC ™ motor provides high suction power at a low noise level – only 62 dB, which is comparable to a quiet conversation. One of the device's special features is its ultra-thin body of 77 mm, which allows it to clean even under low furniture.

UV disinfection

When beginning cleaning the RV-R650S automatically turns on an ultraviolet light, which helps kill pathogenic bacteria and microbes even on carpets that have collected a lot of dirt and dust. UV-C rays with a wavelength of 100-280 nanometers can destroy up to 96% of viral particles. The RV-R650S lamp wavelength is 185-254 nm. Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner with a UV lamp can kill most known viruses and bacteria.

Smart gyroscope navigation + SLAM

The innovative RV-R650S is able to move in any room layout with any number of objects inside thanks to its gyroscope. While in operation the vacuum cleaner creates an optimal route which you can follow on your smartphone with the REDMOND Robot app. Creating a route helps the vacuum save battery life and helps you find the device and see how efficiently it has cleaned the floor. The increased wheel size helps the robot go into different rooms so it can clean several rooms in one cycle.

Smartphone control

Download the free REDMOND Robot app and get access to a wide range of functions for the robot vacuum. By controlling the device from your smartphone, you can:

  • check the device's charge level and current state
  • send the RV-650S to clean a children's room or pick up crumbs from underneath the kitchen table
  • set cleaning plans - the RV-R650SA will turn on automatically at a set time
  • choose one of three water flow levels
  • set one of three suction modes.

When the robot vacuum finishes work, it will return to base on its own, ready for the next time it is needed!

Economic wet cleaning

Check out the advantages of two in one wet cleaning, when the robot simultaneously vacuums and cleans the floor. After removing dry dirt, the RV-R650S cleans the floors without leaving spots thanks to the microfibre attachment and smart water flow technology to use the right amount of water.

Improved dry cleaning brushes

The motorised turbobrush efficiently gathers dust, sand, fluff and other dirt from both smooth and carpeted floors thanks to its hard bristles. The rotating side brushes help to remove dust from even corners and along the wall. The innovating design of the brush provides protection from being caught up with fur, hair or thread.

According to laboratory research, the efficiency of both wet and dry cleaning is 98% or higher in this model.

If you need a robot, get a REDMOND robot!

Caracteristiques techniques

Colour black
Type robot
Control app REDMOND Robot
Voice assistant Alisa
Control type electronic, remote
Data transfer standard Wi-Fi
Support on operating systems Android 8.0. Oreo or higher; iOS 12.0. or higher
Dust collector type cyclone container
Cleaning type wet; dry
Protection from electric shock class II
Power 25 W
Suction strength 22 W
Voltage 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Battery yes
Battery type Li-ion
Battery voltage 14.8 V
Battery capacity 2600 mAh
Automatic return to charging station yes
Charging time 5.5 hours
Working time up to 140 minutes
Low battery sound yes
Dust collector volume 0.45 L
Noise level 62 dB
Filter type microfilter; HEPA
Timer yes
Viewing angle 360
Movement along walls yes
Sound when stuck yes
Working modes 5
Number of sensors 18
Sensors IR; optic
Programmed cleaning yes
Electro turbo brush attachment yes
Wet cleaning attachment yes
UV lamp yes
Dimensions 333 × 334 × 77 mm
Net weight 3.5 kg ± 3%
PACKAGE INCLUDES: - charging adapter
- remote control
- rotating brush (4 pc)
- robot vacuum
- usage manual
- service manual
- cleaning brush
- cleaning brush
- dust collector and container
- wet cleaning attachment (2 pc)
- container for wet cleaning
- exhaust HEPA filter
Warranty 2 years
*The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to the design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

Programmes et fonctions

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