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Multibaker REDMOND RMB-M603

Brief description

With the versatile RMB-603 Mini Multibaker, you can enjoy the freshest homemade baked goods, hot meals and snacks every day. Use interchangeable panels to make varied and delicious sweets for tea, sandwiches for an afternoon snack, snacks, grilled dishes, and more.

Choice of interchangeable panels

The principle of operation of the Multibaker is simple: you rearrange the panels in the body of the appliance, and you get a appliance with new features. With RMB-603, you get three pairs of interchangeable panels*:

"Sandwich" set for hot sandwiches, puffs, cakes, pancakes;

"Vienna Waffles" set for baking sweet and snack waffles and hushpuppies;

"Nuts" set for making cookies filled with condensed milk, cottage cheese cream, and jam.

Want even more options for your Multibaker? REDMOND engineers have developed more than 40 sets of interchangeable panels*. Complete your appliance with new baking or frying molds and make even more fresh baked goods!

Recipes are always at your fingertips

Step-by-step detailed recipes for the Multibaker are collected in the recipe book, which you will find in the box with the appliance. The extensive collection of recipes is also loaded into the free "Cooking with REDMOND" mobile app, where you can select a dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner, filtering dishes by calories and composition of ingredients.

Healthy food without preservatives

You determine the composition and ingredients of the dishes prepared in the Multibaker Are you watching your figure, are you on a diet as recommended by your doctor, or just don't like the taste of certain foods? Eliminate them from the recipe or substitute others. This way you can be sure that the sweets you eat yourself and offer to your family are free of unsafe preservatives, colorings, palm oil and other undesirable ingredients.

Multibaker panels have a special non-stick coating, which prevents ingredients from sticking to the surface. Thanks to this, many dishes in RMB-603 can be cooked without the use of oil, which means they turn out more dietary and suitable for a healthy and balanced diet.

REDMOND - healthy baking for you and your kids every day!

* Panels that are not included in the set are to be purchased separately.

Technical characteristics

Rated power 700 W
Voltage 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Electrical safety class I
Number of sets of removeable plates 3
Housing material bakelite + metal
Material of removable plate metal
Operation indicator available
Power indicator available
Overall dimensions 240 × 231 × 97 mm
Net weight 1,99 kg
Power cord length 0,8 m
Package Includes: - multi-baker
- the set of removable plates RAMB-01
- the set of removable plates RAMB-02
- the set of removable plates RAMB-18
- drip tray to collect oil/grease
- cookbook
- user manual
- service booklet
Warranty 2 years
* In accordance with the policy of continuous improvement, the manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to design, packaging arrangement, or technical specifications of the product, without prior notice.

Programs and Features

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