On the Forefront
of Technology

A leader in modern appliances and advanced technology, REDMOND is on a mission to make your life as easy and stress-free as possible by creating products designed specifically to suit your lifestyle. Our products offer you the latest and most advanced technological innovations in the field of electronics.

Our Goal

REDMOND understands the value of your time and has set out to make your life easier and more convenient with the use of our advanced technology and modern design. We aspire to raise the bar on modern home convenience and creative design with our household products and hope to encourage a healthy, successful lifestyle for our clients all around the globe.


From Health
to Success

From leading a healthier lifestyle to achieving more success in every area of your life, REDMOND is there to facilitate making your dreams a reality. Our products are designed to improve your overall quality of life so you can spend more time focusing on what really matters. Our high-tech appliances help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, which is vital not only in order to get the most in your life, but also to maximize your professional success as well.


Step into the Future

Our broad range of products is guaranteed to suit the lifestyle and satisfy the needs of all our customers. With the use of our advanced, cutting-edge products, we hope to eliminate the hassle of the daily routine and leave our customers with more free time to enjoy life with those who matter most — our friends and family.