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OK, Zapri

REDMOND at Health & Beauty forum

The REDMOND international company takes part in the Health&Beauty forum on November 14 and 15 that will take place on the southern coast of Cyprus in Limassol. The brand will introduce multifunctional multicookers allowing to make maximally healthy and at the same time tasty dietetic dishes without wasting much effort and time.

The Health&Beauty forum will be particularly interesting for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and approach this issue comprehensively. 75 companies will demonstrate their products and services and visitors will be able to find out about the concept of wellness and innovations in the industry of beauty, fitness and healthy diet.

The forum program promises to be incredibly eventful – it is planned to hold 80 seminars, practicals and master classes with famous beauty and dieting experts, fitness instructors, and, of course, guests of the event.

The line-up of hi-tech REDMOND multicookers will be, undoubtedly, a signature moment of the forum. Indeed, all these appliances allow to perfectly master the skills of cooking various dishes, which won't be harmful to body shape – each multicooker has tens of automatic programs for this purpose. Among them are special methods of food processing for cooking healthy and dietetic meals: stewing, boiling, baking and steaming. Besides all models are equipped with bowls with non-stick coating that allows for cooking with minimum oil or no oil at all. Products aren't burnt in the multicookers and less salt and spices is needed for cooking in this device than when cooking on a kitchen stove.

The REDMOND multicooker is definitely a basic criteria for healthy living! Do you want to check this out for yourself?

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