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Multicooker REDMOND RMC-M150E (Gold-Black)

Brief description

The multicooker REDMOND M150E is a high-tech model with eye-catching design which satisfies the highest requirements for kitchen appliances.

Alongside with standard automatic programmes the M150E has programme with manual adjustment MULTICOOK, which provides cooking temperature and time adjustment. The unique MASTERCHIEF function allows adjusting any programme to your taste and saving the adjustments to the memory of the device therefore the cooking process and taste of ready meals no longer depend on automatic settings of the multicooker. You may create unique programmes of your own for your favourite dishes and reproduce them as often as you wish!

The "Voice guide" function and tactile marking on the control panel make using the multicooker especially convenient for visually impaired people.

  • Multifunctional
  • High-technology
  • Convenient
  • Powerful
  • Stylish

46 cooking programmes:
Bowl capacity: 5 L
Non-stick ceramic bowl coating Anato®
Sensor control panel
Tactile marking
"Voice guide" function
Time Delay (up to 24 hours)
Keep Warm (up to 24 hours)
Preliminary disabling Keep Warm
Reheat (up to 24 hours)
Power: 860 W
Cookbook with 100 recipes included


REDMOND multicooker. Professional in your kitchen.

Technical characteristics

Category Multi Cooker
Power  860 W
Voltage 220-230 V
Bowl Capacity 5 L
Bowl Coating Non-stick ceramic bowl coating Anato® (Corea)
Display LED
Cooking Technology Thermal, without pressure, 3D heating
Temperature adjustment (MULTICOOK) From 35°C to 180°C (with 5°С intervals)
Removable steam valve Yes
Removable inner lid Yes
Color Golden+black
46 х 34 х 29 cm
6.7 kg
Number of programs 46 programs (16 automatic and 30 manual)
KEEP WARM function Yes, up to 24 hours
Disable KEEP WARM Yes
REHEAT function Yes
Temperature control Yes
TIME DELAY function Yes, up to 24 hours
Time setting recall function Yes
PACKAGE INCLUDES: - Multicooker with removable bowl
- Steam basket
- Deep fry basket
- Measuring cup
- Bowl removal tongs
- Serving spoon
- Stir paddle
- Spoon/paddle holder
- Power cord
- User manual
- Service & Warranty booklet
- “100 Recipes” cookbook
- Making cottage cheese
- Making cheese
- Making fondue
- Proofing the dough
- Bake bread
- Pasteurize
- Sterilize
- Warm-up baby food
- Preservation
- Touch control panel
- Audible signal deactivation
Warranty 2 years

* The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to the design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

Programs and Features


The MULTICOOK program is intended for cooking virtually any dishes at the temperature and time parameters set by user. With the MULTICOOK program, the REDMOND RMC-M150 multicooker can replace a whole range of kitchen appliances. Besides, MULTICOOK also allows adapting any recipe that you may find in an old cookbook or take from the Internet, to cook it in a multicooker. Temperature setting range: 35-180 °C. For your convenience, when you cook at temperatures up to 80 °C, the Keep Warm function is disabled by default. If necessary, you can enable it manually.


The REDMOND RMC-M150 is equipped with 16 automatic cooking programs, including MULTICOOK, which, in addition to manual settings, allows using the default temperature and cooking time settings. All major programs are targeted at on a specific method of food processing and type of food so that you can use your appliance conveniently.

STEW - for stewing vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood.

BAKE - for baking biscuits, casseroles, pies from yeast and puff dough.

RICE/GRAIN - for cooking fluffy porridges from various types of single- and multicomponent cereals and making various side dishes.

PASTA - for cooking pasta, ravioli, boiling eggs, etc.

STEAM - for steaming vegetables, fish, meat, cooking lasagna, healthy and vegetarian food, baby food.

SLOW COOK - for cooking rich cereal porridges, slow cooked soups, tender stews, mashed potatoes and Bolognese sauce.

FRY - for frying meat, vegetables, poultry, seafood.

PILAF - for cooking various types of pilaf.

SOUP - for cooking various broths and first courses (onion soup, minestrone, Spanish garlic soup, cream soup, etc.), as well as dried fruit drinks.

PORRIDGE - for cooking milk porridge from various types of cereals.

YOGURT - for making classic yogurt.

BABY FOOD - for making food for babies.

BREAD - for baking various types of bread from wheat flour or with addition of rye flour (full automated cooking cycle from dough proofing to baking).

BOIL - for cooking vegetables and beans.

EXPRESS - for quick cooking of rice and fluffy porridges from cereals.


Three heating elements in the multicooker REDMOND RMC-M150 are located in a particular way, providing multilateral and uniform heating of the product throughout the bowl. Thus, you can select the optimal cooking temperature for each program, reduce the risk of food burning and eliminate excess condensation, which means, getting a better result.


This function allows reheating a ready meal even if you’ve just taken it out of the refrigerator.


The multicooker REDMOND RMC-M150 is equipped with an auto-heating function that starts automatically at the end of the cooking process and keeps the dish warm for up to 12 hours. Be sure to use this option wisely, as prolonged heating may dry out your dish.


Now you can deactivate function of temperature maintaining while setting the cooking program. If the food has been cooked at a low temperature (yoghurt, dough, etc.), automatic activation of the Keep Warm function at the end of the program may spoil it. Now you do not need to wait until the end of cooking to deactivate the auto-heating function in time. Do this while setting up your multicooker program. The rest will be done automatically by your appliance!


Delayed start function allows cooking your meal by the desired time with a delay of up to 24 hours. Set the desired value on the timer, and your meal will be ready for breakfast or by your guests’ arrival.


The multicooker REDMOND RMC-M150 is equipped with a 5-liter bowl with a high-quality non-stick coating manufactured by DAIKIN® (Japan). The non-stick coating is quite resistant to mechanical damage, while the bowl conducts heat perfectly and is good for frying, baking, and cooking milk porridge. You can use the bowl outside the multicooker to store food and cook meals in the oven. The bowl is dishwasher safe.


REDMOND chef team has developed a colourful illustrated book for 200 recipes, including a section of specially selected baby food recipes. All the recipes are adapted for cooking in the multicooker REDMOND RMC-M150. Each recipe gives clear instructions on the list and amount of ingredients, as well as step by step cooking guidelines. By following them, you can achieve the best result.

Bon appetit and good health to you!

Temporarily out of stock
2 years warranty
Secure payment