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Bread maker REDMOND RBM-1921

Brief description

REDMOND RBM-M1921 breadmaker is a versatile 3-in-1 appliance that can cook as a breadmaker, multicooker, and yogurt maker. RBM-M1921 has 25 automatic programs for cooking a variety of dishes. Thanks to its compact size, the appliance can be easily placed even in a small kitchen, and the robust handle allows you to conveniently move the breadmaker or take it with you on a trip. You can treat yourself and your loved ones with fresh bread and your favorite dishes when you are at the cottage or at the country house.

RBM-M1921 as a bread machine

With the breadmaker, you can bake not only classic bread, but also bread for healthy eating, bread with natural additives, brown bread with coriander, bread for sandwiches and sweet confectionery. You don't have to knead and prove the dough yourself. The cooking process is fully automated: just put the ingredients into the bowl of the appliance and set the program. You will be alerted to the readiness of the bread with a beep.

The breadmaker is equipped with the MULTIBAKER program, which allows baking bread to any recipe, setting the time for kneading, proofing, baking and auto-heating.

RBM-M1921 as a multicooker

Special automatic programs allow cooking in the RBM-M1921 not only bread, but also soups, porridge, pilaf, goulash, stew, a variety of sauces, jams, mashed fruit and drinks. The BISCUIT program helps to create the ideal conditions for making hearty and sweet pies, casseroles, classic and chocolate air biscuits.

RBM-M1921 as a yogurt maker

The appliance has an automatic program for cooking natural yogurt and other dairy products. You can create original diet desserts by adding berries, fruits, nuts, jam or honey to yogurt. In addition, homemade yogurt would make an excellent dietary salad dressing.

For healthy eating

The breadmaker bowl is equipped with a multi-layer non-stick Whitford "Xylan Plus" coating. It is absolutely safe for health and even with intense heat does not emit toxic substances. RBM-M1921 allows cooking with little or no oil. Bread, pastries and many other dishes in the breadmaker will turn out more dietary and healthy.


The appliance comes with a cookbook, which collected a variety of recipes, including dishes of national cuisine around the world. Each recipe is specially adapted for RBM-M1921, so you can easily make Irish bread with dried apricots and raisins, French bread and cheese, Peking chicken, chahohbili with beans, and much more.

REDMOND breadmakers. Fresh bread every day!

Technical characteristics

Power 550 W
Voltage 220–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Electrical safety class I
Housing material stainless steel, plastic
Baking pan coating non-stick coated Whitford “Xylan Plus”
Display LCD
Control panel touch
Non-volatile memory 10 minutes
Power cord length 1 m
Overall dimensions 310 × 233 × 322 mm
Net weight 4 kg
Time Delay function up to 15 hours
Keep Warm function up to 1 hour
Crust colour control light/medium/dark
Choosing the loaf weight 500 / 750 g
PACKAGE INCLUDES: - bread maker
- baking pan
- measuring cup
- measuring spoon
- kneading blade (2 pc.)
- paddle removal hook
- cookbook
- user manual
- service booklet
Warranty 2 years
* The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to the design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

Programs and Features

REDMOND RBM-M1921 breadmakers are designed for convenient baking homemade bread, as well as - for automated preparation of some hot dishes and desserts. During operation, the electronic control system maintains optimal conditions for proofing and baking of different types of dough in the inner chamber. To make fresh, homemade bread for toast or delicate biscuits for tea, all you have to do is press a few buttons - REDMOND breadmaker does the rest all by itself.

25 AUTOMATIC PROGRAMS allow the breadmaker to knead and proof dough for wholemeal, rye or white bread, muffins and many other baked goods. Also with the automatic programs you can cook porridge or jams, make stews, cook desserts.

The program is used to bake the classic white bread.

FRENCH BREAD can be used for baking light French bread with a porous crumb and a thin crispy crust. The program provides for a long kneading and proofing of the dough.

WHOLE GRAIN is designed for baking dietary breads made of whole-grain flour. Because this flour is heavier and more heterogeneous than white wheat flour, for better dough kneading, the breadmaker preheats the ingredients and leaves the dough to rise for a longer time.

FANCY BREAD is designed for baking sweet bread with various additives. The time and temperature of the program are designed so that during cooking the sugar contained in the dough does not stick, the pastry rises perfectly and gets a delicious crust.

GLUTEN-FREE is recommended for baking bread made from gluten-free flour. The elasticity and firmness of regular bread doughs is largely dependent on gluten, so to get a quality gluten-free pastry requires particularly careful kneading and proofing of the dough. For quality dough kneading, the breadmaker preheats the ingredients.

Quick Bread - The program is designed for accelerated baking of white bread. For the correct operation of the program, it is recommended to add additional 1/3 teaspoon of yeast to the dough based on a baking weight of 750 grams.

CAKE is recommended for making muffins with various fillings. Since cupcake dough contains a relatively high amount of fat (butter or vegetable oil) and sugar, the time and temperature of the program at all stages are calculated so that the finished products will always delight you with a delightful taste and aroma.

DESSERTS is for preparing various desserts from fresh fruits and berries, confectionary creams and fondants; the program provides for heating of ingredients without stirring.

SOUP is used for making dressing soups, cream soups, vegetarian soups and meat broths, as well as some drinks.

STEW is designed for cooking stewed dishes of vegetables, meat, poultry or seafood.

VITAMINIZED is used for baking the popular Borodino bread made of rye flour with sugar, molasses and coriander. The dough kneading time is adapted to the classic dough recipe, which requires careful and longer mixing of the ingredients. Before baking the bread, it is recommended to slightly flatten the dough with your hands so that the crust of the finished bread is even and without breaks.

FILLED BREAD is used for baking white bread with seeds, nuts or other additives. The program includes all cycles of bread preparation from kneading dough to baking.

ITALIAN BREAD - in this program, the time and temperature of kneading and proofing are specially designed for baking puffy Italian bread with a crispy crust.

RYE is a program for baking the classic brown bread made of rye flour. Before baking, it is recommended to lightly flatten the dough with your hands so that the crust of the finished bread is even and without breaks.

KNEAD is used to knead unleavened dough for homemade pasta, dumplings, ravioli, dumplings, cakes, or dumplings.

YEAST DOUGH provides the ideal conditions for kneading and proving yeast dough, which can then be used to make pies with a variety of fillings.

KEAD WITH TIME CHANGE is a program designed for kneading dough without further baking and provides for manual setting of time.

SANDWICH BREAD is recommended for baking bread for toast or hot sandwiches from wheat flour or a mixture of oat flour and rye flour.

YOGURT is created for making homemade yogurt with or without fruit.

JAM is designed for cooking homemade jams, making toppings for baking and ice cream, ketchups, sauces, as well as for the preparation of some products for canning.

BISCUIT is recommended for baking classic biscuits for cakes or biscuits with additives, which can be served as an independent dessert.

OATMEAL is used for cooking porridge with milk or water from rice, oatmeal, corn and other types of cereals.

АPROOF AND BAKE is intended for the preparation of biscuits, muffins, rolls or other products made of prepared dough, the kneading stage is absent in this program.

BOILING - for cooking vegetables, meat, fish, poultry and beans in boiling water. The program provides for manual time setting.

MULTIBAKER - allows the user to bake bread according to his own recipes, presetting the time for each of the phases of kneading and proofing as well as for baking and reheating.


TIME DELAY - the easily programmable delayed start timer allows you to cook by the preset time. The start of cooking can be delayed for up to 15 hours.

"KEEP WARM" FUNCTION - the auto-heat function starts automatically at the end of the program. This function is not recommended to turn off when cooking bread - "Keep warm" works at a lower temperature than the main baking program and allows the bread to "finish" at the optimum temperature. Ready bread is recommended to cool completely at room temperature.

SELECTION OF WEIGHT AND CRUST COLOR - the breadmaker automatically adjusts the cooking time depending on the number of ingredients and the estimated weight of the finished bread, and allows selecting the color of the crust. The ability to select the weight of the bread and the color of the crust is not provided in all programs, read the manual of your breadmaker carefully.

Enjoy your appetite and good health!

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