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Multikitchen REDMOND RMK-M911E

Brief description

  • Replaces a stove and a multicooker
  • Equipped with Masterfry® patented technology:
    capability of lifting the heating element
  • Capability of cooking in any heat-resistant dishware of a corresponding diameter:
    a saucepan, a sauté pan, a frying pan, and a multicooker bowl
  • The flat heating element of the multikitchen ensures uniform heating of foods
  • A flat bottom of the packaged bowls and the frying pan allow cooking with minimum oil:
    it doesn't flow to the edges of cooking utensils and you'd only need several grams for cooking 45 cooking programmes allow you to boil, fry, make second courses, soups, side dishes, yoghurt, steamed dishes, home baked goods, desserts and many other dishes. On top of that, the appliance works automatically and you don't have to track the process of cooking.
  • Automatic cooking programmes are accessible in both positions of the heating element what makes the multikitchen a next-generation programmable stove
  • The MULTICOOK programme allows you to cook even the most complicated recipes: time adjustment (from 5 min to 12 h) and the temperature adjustment (from 35 to 170˚С) before the start of cooking
  • 3D-heating:
    upper, bottom and side heating elements provide uniform cooking
  • Keep Warm:
    maintaining the temperature of ready dishes, up to 24 h
  • Preliminary disabling Keep Warm
  • Time Delay (up to 24 h)
  • Reheating cold dishes with temperature maintenance for up to 24 h
  • LCD display
  • Ceramic-coated bowl and frying pan

Technical characteristics

Category Multikitchen
Power 860-1000 W
Voltage 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Electrical safety class I
Bowl Capacity 5 L
Bowl / frying pan coating ceramic non-stick
Display colour, LED
3D heating yes
Overall dimensions 377 × 285 × 240 mm
Net weight 5,7 kg ± 3%
MASTERFRY function (lift of heating element) available
Keep Warm function up to 24 hours
Reheat function up to 24 hours
Deactivation of Keep Warm in advance yes
Time Delay function up to 24 hours, 2 timers
- Bowl
- Frying pan
- Tongs
- Steaming container
- Yogurt jars (6 pcs.)
- Measuring cup
- Serving spoon
- Stirring paddle
- Cookbook
- Spoon/Paddle holder
- User manual
- Service booklet
- Power cord
Warranty 2 years
* The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to the design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

Programs and Features


The RMK-M911E is equipped with 17 programs for cooking various everyday and festive dishes. The programs allow automatic cooking of a variety of meat, poultry, fish and seafood dishes, vegetarian food, make porridges, soups, side dishes, pasta, pilaf, deep-fry dishes with minimal effort and time.

The MULTICOOK program is intended for cooking dishes at temperature and time parameters set by user. Using the MULTICOOK program, you can proof the dough, make home-made yoghurt and other fermented milk products, caramel and sauces, pasteurize products in the MK-M911E multikitchen. MULTICOOK allows using the multikitchen to cook under sous-vide technology (fr. sous-vide, «under vacuum»), which implies prolonged (up to several hours) processing of products at a relatively low temperature of 60 to 80 °C. MULTICOOK also allows adapting any recipe that you may find in an old cookbook or take from the Internet, to cook it in a multikitchen. The temperature and time are set before you start cooking. Temperature setting range: 35-170 °C; time setting range: from 5 minutes to 12 hours.

The PORRIDGE program is intended for cooking milk porridge from rice, oatmeal, corn and other types of cereals.

The STEW program is intended for stewing meat, fish, vegetables, cooking tagine, chili, goulash and other dishes that require long-term heat treatment with a gradual decrease in temperature.

The FRY program is intended for frying meat, vegetables, poultry and seafood, making dressings for soups and some side dishes.

The SOUP program is intended for cooking sauteed soups (onion soup, minestrone, Spanish garlic soup), cream soups, vegetarian soups and broths.

The STEAM program is intended for cooking healthy steamed dishes, light vegetable side dishes and baby food. The program is also suitable for cooking lasagna and other similar dishes.

The PASTA program is intended for cooking various types of pasta, as well as ravioli, polenta and other similar dishes. When water starts boiling, the device beeps so that you can put pasta or dumplings into the bowl. Countdown of the cooking time begins after you put in all the products and press the start button.

The SLOW COOK program allows cooking a variety of slow cooked dishes, for example, classic French beef bourguignon, German shank, Italian Bolognese sauce. The program runs for a long time with a gradual change in temperature from high to low.

The BOIL program is intended for boiling meat, fish, poultry, seafood and vegetables, and for cooking main dishes and dishes from beans.

The BAKE program is intended for cooking biscuits, pies with various fillings, muffins, casseroles, omelets and main dishes baked in foil.

The BEANS program allows cooking fluffy porridges from various cereals and making cereal side dishes.

The PILAF program is intended for cooking various types of pilaf with meat or poultry, vegetarian pilaf with vegetables and fruits, as well as Spanish paella.

The YOGURT program allows making natural yogurt from milk and yoghurt starter culture.

The PIZZA program allows cooking home-made pizza with various fillings on thin or fluffy dough.

The BREAD program is intended for baking various types of bread: classic white bread made from wheat flour, corn, whole grain and black rye kinds. The program automatically performs a complete cooking cycle from dough proofing to baking.

The DESSERTS program is intended for cooking various desserts from milk and dairy products, fresh fruits and berries, as well as pastry creams and fudge.

The EXPRESS program is intended for cooking rice, buckwheat and other fluffy porridges. During this program, the appliance automatically stops working after the liquid in the bowl has completely boiled away.


The automatic programs of the multikitchen REDMOND RMK-M911E can be used both for main daily meals and for baby food, fondue, halva, drinks, marinades. Besides, RMK-M911E can be used to sterilize dishware and pasteurize some products when you are taking care of a baby or making home-made preserved food.


The multikitchen REDMOND RMK-M911E is equipped with an auto-heating function that starts automatically at the end of the cooking process and keeps the dish warm for up to 24 hours. Be sure to use this option wisely, as prolonged heating may dry out your dish. The function is not available on some programs. Please, carefully read the instruction for your device!


If you do need to maintain the temperature for any reason, the function can be easily turned off both during cooking process and when setting the main program.


The function is intended for convenient reheating of cool or refrigerated food to a comfortable temperature.


The delayed start function allows you to delay the program start for up to 24 hours. Breakfast, lunch or dinner will be ready right on time!


Three heating elements (bottom, side and top) supply heat to the food in the bowl from all sides; the food is cooked evenly through all its volume and does not need to be stirred. Besides, due to 3D-heating, the condensation on the inner lid of the appliance is substantially reduced, and the dishes acquire a rich, intense taste and gorgeous aroma!

Bon appetit and good health to you!

Temporarily out of stock
2 years warranty
Secure payment