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Multicooker REDMOND SkyCooker M800S

Brief description

Smart Multicooker SkyCooker REDMOND M800S is the latest flagship model, an example of smart technology, which is controlled remotely using the inno vative Ready For Sky REDMOND technology. An additional advantage of the high-tech device is the presence of MASTERCHEF LITE function.

The SkyCooker M800S multicooker can be controlled from a smartphone thanks to Ready For Sky REDMOND mobile application. In the application, you can calculate the calorie content of foods and dishes, start and stop programs, control the function of warming up and delayed start. Special 3D heating to create the perfect "golden" crust on homemade cakes, a touch control panel with a lock function and as many as 48 cooking programs deserve attention.

Smart multivarka has a МУЛЬТИПОВАР (MULTICOOKER) program designed for cooking according to its own recipes. In the МУЛЬТИПОВАР (MULTICOOKER) program, you can independently set the cooking time and temperature in the range from 35 to 170 degrees.

The МУЛЬТИПОВАР (MULTICOOKER) programme also allows you to use sous-vide technology. The products are cooked for several hours without oxygen at a low temperature. Thanks to the gentle temperature treatment, vegetables, meat, fish and poultry retain most of the nutrients and vitamins, and are obtained as juicy as possible. For preparation according to the su-vid technology, the products should be placed in special airtight bags and hermetically sealed with a vacuum packer.

Control from your smartphone!

Technical characteristics

Category Multi Cooker
Power 900 W
Voltage 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Bowl capacity 5 L
Bowl coating non-stick ceramic
Display LED
3D heat yes
Number of programmes 48 (20 automatic, 28 manual)
Steam valve removable
Inner lid removable
Data transmission protocol Bluetooth v4.0
Automatic programmes MULTICOOK
Keep warm function up to 24 hours
Keep warm disabled in advance yes
Time Delay up to 24 hours
Control panel lock yes
Package includes Multicooker
RB-C530 bowl
Steaming basket
Deep fry basket (removable handle)
Measuring cup
Serving spoon
Stirring paddle
Book of 100 recipes
User manual
Service booklet
Power cord
Warranty 2 years
*The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

Programs and Features

Automatic programs of the M800S multicooker will easily prepare for you meat, poultry, fish, seafood, vegetarian food, a variety of cereals, soups, side dishes, as well as pilaf, deep-fried dishes, yoghurts, dough, fondue, pastries, jams, desserts, drinks and much more. The capabilities of the slow cooker are complemented by the functions of delayed start and auto-heating with the possibility of its preliminary shutdown.


Ready For Sky REDMOND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY allows you to synchronize the SkyCooker multicooker with a mobile device and control it remotely via the Ready For Sky REDMOND application. In the mobile application, you can calculate the calorie content of foods and dishes, start and stop programs, save and create recipes, change the time and temperature right during cooking, control the warm-up and delayed start function while away from home.


The use of this function is possible only through the Ready For Sky REDMOND mobile application. In the application from your phone, you can change the time and temperature of cooking during the operation of automatic programs *! Thanks to the МАСТЕРШЕФ ЛАЙТ (MASTERCHEF LITE) function, you can easily and comfortably fully control the cooking process and always get the perfect result. The МАСТЕРШЕФ ЛАЙТ (MASTERCHEF LITE)function will be extremely important and useful to you when creating author's cuisine and exquisite dishes according to complex recipes.

*except for the YOGURT program.


The “МУЛЬТИПОВАР (MULTICOOKER)” program is designed for cooking dishes according to any recipes, even found on the Internet or in a cookbook. On the MULTIPOVAR program, you can independently set the cooking time and temperature (in the range from 35 to 170C). And with Ready For Sky REDMOND, you can do it both manually and with one touch to the smartphone screen.


In the SkyCooker M800S multivark, 20 automatic cooking programs are implemented, corresponding to various methods of heat treatment and types of products. With the Ready For Sky REDMOND app, you can put programs for your favorite dishes in the quick launch menu, and they will always be at hand.

"РИС/КРУПЫ"(RICE / CEREALS) — for cooking rice and crumbly cereals from different types of cereals, as well as for making side dishes.

"ТОМЛЕНИЕ"(LANGUOR) — for the preparation of melted milk, stew, knuckle, jelly, aspic.

"ПЛОВ"(PILAF) — for the preparation of various types of pilaf.

"ЖАРКА МЯСА / РЫБЫ / ОВОЩЕЙ"(FRYING MEAT / FISH / VEGETABLES) — 3 frying programs have parameters specially selected according to the type of product (meat, fish, vegetables).

"ТУШЕНИЕ МЯСА / РЫБЫ / ОВОЩЕЙ"(STEWING MEAT / FISH / VEGETABLES) — 3 programs for stewing have parameters specially selected according to the type of product (meat, fish, vegetables).

"ПАСТА"(PASTA) — for cooking pasta, dumplings, sausages, khinkali, boiling eggs, etc.

"МОЛОЧНАЯ КАША"(MILK PORRIDGE) — for the preparation of milk porridges from various types of cereals.

"СУП"(SOUP) — for the preparation of various broths and first courses (borscht, pickle, fish soup, cabbage soup, hodgepodge soup, etc.), as well as compotes and drinks.

"ЙОГУРТ"(YOGURT) — for the preparation of classic yogurt, as well as for proofing the dough.

"ВЫПЕЧКА"(BAKING) — for baking biscuits, casseroles, cakes made of yeast and puff pastry.

"МЯСО / РЫБА / ОВОЩИ НА ПАРУ"(MEAT / FISH / STEAMED VEGETABLES) — 3 steamed cooking programs have parameters specially selected according to the type of product (meat, fish, vegetables). They can also be used for cooking manti, dietary dishes, children's menu dishes and vegetarian cuisine.

"ВАРКА/БОБОВЫЕ"(COOKING/LEGUMES) — for cooking vegetables and legumes on water.

"РАЗОГРЕВ"(WARMING UP) — allows you to warm up the finished dish, even if you just pulled it out of the refrigerator. The slow cooker will warm up your dish to 70-75 °С and will maintain this temperature for 24 hours. If necessary, the heating can be stopped manually.


The SkyCooker M800S multicooker is equipped with an auto-heating function, which starts automatically after the cooking process and keeps the dish warm for up to 24 hours. If the dish is cooked at low temperatures and it does not need to be heated (for example, yogurt or dough), you do not want to leave the children alone with working appliances or are trying to reduce electricity consumption, then it is possible to turn off auto-heating in advance immediately after starting the cooking process.

Thanks to the Ready For Sky REDMOND technology, you can do it from your mobile device, from anywhere in the world!


The technology of three–dimensional heating – a special arrangement of heating elements on top, bottom and sides - creates the effect of a Russian oven in the M800S multivark. The bowl of the multivark is evenly heated from all sides, the heat treatment of the products takes place without damaging their structure, all vitamins and nutrients are preserved in them, and the dish acquires a characteristic taste "like from a Russian oven".


The SkyCooker M800S multicooker is equipped with a 5-liter bowl with a non-stick ceramic coating. This coating is resistant to mechanical damage, while the bowl conducts heat perfectly and is perfect for frying, baking, cooking milk porridge. It is possible to use the bowl outside the slow cooker for storing food and cooking in the oven. The bowl can be washed in the dishwasher.


The REDMOND company's team of chefs has developed a colorfully illustrated book for 120 recipes of dishes for the SkyCooker M800S multicooker. Each recipe gives clear instructions on the set and quantity of ingredients, step-by-step instructions. Following it, you will be able to achieve the best result. You can find even more recipes in the Ready For Sky REDMOND mobile app!

Bon appetit and good health!

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2 years warranty
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