Smart heater REDMOND SkyHeat C4522S brings warmth in your home!

The C4522S synchronizes with the Ready for Sky mobile application. With the help of the application you can control the smart heater from your smartphone from anywhere across the world*.

Via the application you can switch the smart device on/off, select the desired heating level or set up safe mode so that children cannot turn the heater on without adults’ control. The turbo mode is also available via mobile app. It allows quick warming of your room in the morning when it is especially cold. Using turbo mode you can also create a comfortable temperature in your country house before your arrival.

During a warm season you can use the SkyHeat C4522S as a fan. The C4522S has 70° rotation to ensure uniform air circulation through the entire room.

The smart heater has a ceramic heating element. This environmental friendly material prevents the air drying effect during the device operation. The C4522S is almost silent. It also switches off automatically when accidently falling or overheated. Therefore it is safe in use even in a child’s room.

Heat in one click!

* With the free R4S Gateway app installed on an "at-home" Android-smartphone/tablet.

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