REDMOND smart appliances at the International Home + Housewares Show 2017

At the 2017 show REDMOND unveiled its novelties and the extended line-up of home appliances, remotely controlled from a smartphone which were announced by the brand in Chicago at IH+HS a year earlier.

After its rebranding, the International Home + Housewares Show is held under the slogan "It's smART". The participating companies exhibited various solutions for optimization and simplification of housekeeping which included both smart technologies and the latest design developments.

Making homes smart is a growing powerful trend in modern life. Its concept is the minimum user involvement in domestic chores. This concept is successfully implemented in REDMOND Sky-appliances internationally. The smart appliance line-up at the International Home + Housewares Show 2017 included smart kettles, smart multicookers and multikitchens, coffee makers, scales and other devices as well as the series of smart sensors for remote monitoring of what is happening at home.

Particular attention was granted to the presentation of the unique remotely controlled multicooker CBD100S with REDMOND Double Chef technology patented by the brand. The multicooker features two bowls with separate heating elements. This device allows cooking two completely different dishes at once by using any automatic programs of the multicooker. Thanks to this solution a busy user gets the opportunity to cook substantial healthy meals for himself and his family. The heating elements of the bowls are absolutely autonomous. The bowls can be used simultaneously (e.g. for cooking main dish and dessert) or separately. You can control all programs and functions of the multicooker from your smartphone:. For instance, you can start cooking dinner in one click while you're in your office for it to be prepared by the time you get home or you can reheat lunch for your child in the middle of the day.

The special temperature sensors and built-in timer allow the CBD100S Double Chef to create conditions for cooking meals with maximum precision using a variety of cooking techniques. Those include sous-vide, stewing, cooking, steaming, and baking. For maximum convenience, REDMOND equipped its smart multicooker with the option to select one of 10 program languages of the control panel. This feature is unique for the multicookers category.

“While developing a smart appliances line-up REDMOND took care to provide its consumers with stylish devices featuring maximum capabilities to support a healthier lifestyle and to ensure safety, convenience and savings throughout the consumers’ daily routines. The REDMOND Sky-appliances combine the latest smart technologies with a simple straightforward user interface,” – said Helen Bertran, REDMOND PR manager. “The REDMOND smart devices will give you the opportunity to move on to a new level of housekeeping. You can be in two places at once. Dedicate your time to work or a hobby while staying connected to your home”

The devices and appliances are controllable via Bluetooth in the near-field and via Wi-Fi and/or GSM internet from anywhere in the world.

The International Home + Housewares Show is held annually at McCormick Place convention centre in Chicago. Over 2200 companies from 47 countries were taking part in the event in 2017.

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