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Push of a button and create tasty and healthy dishes for your family and yourself!
Choose the recipe from 100 Cookbook and prepare the one you like!
The art of being successful RMC-M4502E is 8-in-1
  • Slowcooker
  • Oven
  • Ricecooker
  • Stove
  • Steam
  • Yoghurt maker
  • Fryer
  • Bread maker

34 programs (16 automatic, 18 manual),

The MULTICOOK Program,

Ceramic Bowl 5 L, 3D HEAT

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Multi Cooker RMC-M4502E – professional chef in your kitchen

Multi Cooker REDMOND RMC-M4502E is a modern, compact, easy-to-use kitchen appliance that does all the work for you leaving you free to relax, spend more time with your family, friends.

Follow the steps in the video and treat your family with delicious dishes and drinks!

Multi Cooker RMC-M4502E: Create! Amaze! Cook!

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