REDMOND SkyKettle G200S is a new stylish product in every kitchen!

REDMOND has released a new device in the Smart Home series. It is a stylish lighting kettle Skykettle G200S controllable from any distance via a smartphone.

You can turn the smart kettle on/off, choose its operation mode as well as adjust the lighting from anywhere across the world. The application allows you to turn the SkyKettle lighting on, choose its color and adjust its brightness (changing step of 5%) and set the color change speed of the lighting (from 30 seconds to 3 minutes). The smart kettle lighting can be set even if the device is not boiling or reheating the water.

During water heating G200S changes its lighting. You can set the color change upon reaching a certain temperature of boiling from your smartphone. For example, for cold water the light can be blue and for the water heated to 55°C it can be orange.

50 cooking programs of the smart multikitchen are available in the both positions of the heating element and at any distance. They can be used to cook a variety of dishes: yogurts, soups, side dishes, main dishes, desserts and more. The function MasterChef Light is available from the control panel as well as via the R4S application. It allows you to change temperature and cooking time directly during the running time of the program.

It is safe to use the smart multikitchen. The device stops heating or switches to the “Keep warm” mode according to the settings after you are done cooking.

CB390S has a built-in radio tuner and stores up to 9 radio stations in the FM range from 76 to 108 MHz.

Smart multikitchen has limited Chrome and Bronze surface edition and features a refined and elegant appearance.

*Set the free Ready for Sky application via Google Play or App Store. From the distant zone the device can be controlled when the free mobile application R4S Gateway is installed on the home Android smartphone/tablet.

**The bottom diameter of the frying pan and other utensils must not exceed the device’s heating panel diameter. Ensure that the edges and handles of the cookware do not come into contact with the plastic components contained in the multikitchen and lid sealing ring.

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