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Smart multi-cooker REDMOND SkyCooker M225S

Kurze Modells Beschreibung

The SkyCooker M225S smart multi-cooker will significantly increase your culinary capabilities. You can use it to quickly and easily cooking not only main courses, porridge and soup, but also exquisite desserts, cheeses, yoghurts and sauces and even bake bread.

Smartphone control

Install the Ready for Sky mobile app, which has all the SkyCooker functions, and control the cooking process straight from your smartphone! Want to come home from work to a hot fresh meal? Place ingredients into the multi-cooker in the morning and start cooking with the app at the end of your working day.

Recipe book included in the app

The app includes a recipe book developed especially for the RMC-M225S. Making dishes will be even easier! Place the ingredients in the bowl choose the recipe and set it going with your smartphone, all in one click. While the SkyCooker is working, you can work on other things and when the dish is ready you'll get a notification.

Automatic programmes

The RMC-M225S is equipped with 11 automatic programmes for roasting, stewing, making soups, porridge, steamed food, yoghurts, plov and various baked goods. It's unbelievably easy to cook with the SkyCooker, prepare your ingredients, choose the programme and press the button. The temperature for each programme is set by the manufacturer. You can change the temperature from the default if needed.


You can even make complex dishes that require a carefully chosen temperature and cooking time in the RMC-M225S, just use the MULTI-CHEF programme. It will allow you to set up the cooking process yourself before the programme begins. FOr example, using the MULTI-CHEF programme you can create fancy dishes using French sous-vide technology, in which products are prepared in special vacuum bags and cooked over a long period of time at a low temperature. Cooking at a gentle temperature will allow the products to retain the highest possible amount of vitamins and nutrients.


Are your artisan dishes not being cooked the way you're used to in the new multi-cooker? No need to worry, the MASTERCHEF Lite function will let you easily change the settings even while the programme is running! Moreover, using the MASTERCHEF Lite function, you'll be able to prepare complex dishes that require temperature changes while cooking without interrupting the set programme.

Automatic heating

Thanks to the auto-heating function, the dish will remain warm for a few hours, the function activates automatically when the programme finishes. If you're sure that you'll be sitting down to eat as soon as your food is ready or you want to reduce electricity use, you can turn off auto-heating.

Non-stick coating

The Daikin® high quality non-stick coating will make cooking comfortable and prevent products from burning or sticking. It will also allow you to cook without using oil, which will make the dish less fatty and more healthy.

Ready for Sky. A new type of freedom

When the R4S Gateway app is connected on a home Android smartphone or tablet.

Technische Daten

Type Smart multi-cooker
Control type electronic
distance (ready for Sky)
Control app Ready for Sky
Voice assistant Alisa
Support on operating systems Android 4.3. JellyBean and up
iOS 9.0. and up
Power 860 W
Voltage 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Body material steel
Protection from electric shock class I
Protection system yes
Colours Black
Number of automatic programmes 11
Sous-Vide technology yes
Number of bowls 1
Removable bowls yes
Bowl covering non-stick DAIKIN® (Japan)
Bowl material aluminium
Bowl total volume 5 L
Bowl usable volume 3.5 L
Programmes: - STEAM
Steam valve removable
Lid yes
Display LED
Maximum timer length up to 24 hours
Automatic heating up to 12 hours
Auto heating advance shutdown yes
Audio signal yes
Delayed start up to 24 hours
Warm up dishes up to 12 hours
Pasteurisation yes
Sterilisation yes
Length of power supply cable 1 m
Dimensions 290 × 270 × 295 mm
Net weight 2.4 kg ± 3%
PACKAGE INCLUDES: - recipe book
- container for steaming
- measuring cup
- multi-cooker with bowl installed inside
- flat spoon
- usage manual
- service manual
- ladle
- power cable
*The manufacturer reserves the right to make any modifications to the design, packaging, or technical specifications of the product without prior notice.

Programme und Funktionen


The M225S has 11 programmes for cooking various dishes for everyday and festive meals. The programmes will allow you to automatically prepare various dishes with meat, fish, seafood, vegetarian food, porridge, soup, sides, pasta, plov and deep fry food without much effort or time.

You can start cooking on any programme using the Ready for Sky app. The app also allows you to make a quick start menue for your favourite programmes and change the time and temperature settings while the device is in use (MASTERCHEF Lite).


The MULTI-CHEF programme is intended for the preparation of food according to times and temperatures set by the user. Thanks to the M225S MULTI-CHEF function, you can prove dough, make homemade yoghurt and other fermented dairy products, caramel and sauces, and also pasteurise certain foods. MULTI-CHEF allows you to use the multi-cooker to prepare food using sous-vide technology, which suggests a long (up to a few hours) period of cooking food at a relatively low temperature (60 to 80°С). The MULTI-CHEF also allows you to adapt any recipe you like, be it from an old cook book or from the internet, to be made in the multi-cooker. Set the time and temperature before cooking. Temperature range: 35 - 180°С, time range: 2 minutes to 12 hours.

The FRY programme is intended for use frying meat, vegetables, poultry and seafood, and preparing dressings for soup and some side dishes.

The RICE/GRAINS programme is intended for cooking dishes and side dishes from rice, buckwheat and other grains.

The PLOV programme is intended for making various types of plov with meat or poultry, vegetarian plovs with vegetables and fruit and also paella.

The STEAM programme is intended for cooking healthy steamed dishes and light vegetable sides as well as children's food. This programme is suitable for cooking dumplings and other similar dishes.

The BAKE programme is intended for use preparing biscuits, pies with various fillings, cakes, puddings, omelettes and dishes baked in foil.

The STEW programme is intended for stewing meat, fish and vegetables, making curry, aspic, and other dishes that require cooking for a long period with a gradual decrease in temperature.

The SOUP programme is intended for cooking cabbage soup, borscht and pickle soup, as well as cream soups, vegetarian soups, broths and also some drinks.

The MILK PORRIDGE programme is intended for cooking milk porridges from rice, oats, corn or other grains.

The YOGHURT programme is for making natural yoghurt from milk and yoghurt starter.

The EXPRESS programme is intended for cooking rice, buckwheat and other grains. The device will automatically stop working in this mode once all the water has boiled away.


The REDMOND RMC-M225S's automatic programmes can be used to make both everyday dishes and baby food, fondue, drinks and marinades. Moreover, the M225S can be used to sterilise dishes and pasteurise certain products for feeding children and preparing homemade conserves.


Ready for Sky allows you to sync your SkyCooker multi-cooker with a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and control it remotely using the Ready for Sky app. With the mobile app you can start and stop the programme, change the time and temperature settings of any programme while cooking is underway and control the heating and delayed start functions.


This function will allow you to change the temperature settings and preparation time while an automatic programme is underway, so any dishes made in the multi-cooker will always suit your tastes and preferences! MASTERCHEF LITE lets you use the multi-cooker for cooking using sous-vide technology, meaning long periods of cooking at relatively low (60 to 80 degrees) temperatures. Thanks to the MASTERCHEF LITE function, you can also easily adjust the operation of the multi-cooker to prepare complex dishes requiring multiple cooking methods (e.g. frying and stewing).

You can change any settings from your smartphone using the Ready for Sky app.


This function is intended to easily heat dishes that have gone cold up to the required temperature.


The delayed start function will allow you to delay the start of the programme by up to 24 hours. Breakfast, lunch or dinner will be made at just the right time!


The valve is intended for safe release of steam produced in the bowl during cooking. The removeable valve makes the device easier to look after, after every use you can easily clean the valve under running water.


The m225s is equipped with an auto-heating function which activates automatically when the cooking process is complete and keeps the dish warm for up to 12 hours. Use this function carefully, since heating for a long time may dry out the dish.


If you do not want to maintain the temperature of a dish for any reason, you can cancel while it is cooking or when setting the main programme.


A high quality non-stick coating, resistant to high temperatures and lets you cook healthier dishes with a minimal amount of oil. The bowl is perfect for frying, baking, stewing and making porridge. The space can also be used to store cooked food and to cook in the oven. You can also clean the bowl in a dishwasher.

Bon appetit and good health!

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