SteamedSteamed Salmon with Potatoes

Ready in: 50 minutes

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Automatic program: FRY/STEAM/BOIL



Salmon (steak) 300 g
Potatoes 350 g
Mushrooms 140 g
Onions 100 g
Water 500 mL
10% cream 200 mL
Vegetable oil 50 mL


· Rinse the fish and sprinkle with salt and spices. Dice the mushrooms and onions and chop the potatoes into small squares. Place the mushrooms, onions and oil into the bowl and close the lid.

· Press MENU and select the FRY program. Use the COOK TIME button to set the timer for 15 minutes. Press START and fry with an open lid while stirring occasionally.

· 3 minutes before the end of the program, add the cream, salt, spices and mix. Close the lid and cook until the program finishes then press the KEEP WARM/CANCEL button. Set this mushroom sauce aside in a separate container.

· Pour the water into the bowl and insert the steam tray with fish and potatoes. Sprinkle with salt and spices.

· Close the lid, press MENU and select STEAM/BOIL. Set the COOK TIME for 35 minutes and press START. Cook until the program finishes and top with the mushroom sauce before serving.