PastriesSeafood pizza

Ready in: 30 minutes

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Automatic program: CAKE



Yeast dough 160 g
Hard cheese 60 g
Seafood mix 40 g
Tomato puree 20 g
20% sour cream 20 g
Olives 15 g
Butter 15 g


· Topping: defrost, rinse and drain the seafood. Slice the tomatoes and olives. Sauce: combine the tomato puree, sour cream, salt and spices. Roll out the dough to a 0.5 cm thick circle the width of the bowl. Grate the cheese using a large-holed grater. Grease the bowl with butter, set the dough inside and cover it with the sauce, topping, and cheese.

· Close the lid, press MENU and select the CAKE program. Press the HOUR/MIN button and set the COOKING TIME for 30 minutes.

· Press START and cook until the program finishes.