Main CoursePork Kebabs

Ready in: 12 minutes

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Automatic program: FRY



Pork 280 g
Bacon 100 g
Onions 40 g
Marrow squash 40 g
Bell pepper 40 g
Vegetable oil 50 mL


· Rinse, cube and wrap the pork in bacon. Chop the onions, marrow squash and bell pepper then put the ingredients on a stick in the following order: bell pepper, marrow squash, onions, pork with bacon. Pour oil into the bowl, set the kebabs in, and sprinkle with salt and spices.

· Close the lid and press MENU then select the FRY program. Select PRODUCT and MEAT. Press the HOUR/MIN button and set the COOKING TIME for 12 minutes.

· Press START and 3 minutes before the program finishes, open the lid and turn the nuggets. Close the lid and cook until the program finishes.