CheeseMascarpone Cheese

Ready in: 50 minutes

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Automatic program: MULTICOOK



20% cream 300 mL
10% cream 300 mL
Lemon juice 20 mL


· Mix the cream, pour it in the multicooker bowl and close the lid.

· Press MENU, select MULTICOOK and set the TEMPERATURE to 100 °C. Press the HOUR/MIN button and set the COOKING TIME for 45 minutes.

· Press START and when the countdown begins, stir the cream and add the lemon juice. Keep stirring until the program finishes (do not close the lid).

· Pour the mixture into a separate container and let it cool. Fold the cheesecloth into 4 layers, put it in a strainer and fill it with cheese. Place the strainer over a bowl and drain for approximately 3–6 hours.