Main CourseLasagna

Ready in: 30 minutes

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Automatic program: STEAM



Beef (fillet) 300 g
Tomato puree 100 g
Hard cheese 70 g
Pasta sheets for lasagna 70 g
Onions 70 g
Egg 1
Water 500 mL


· Rinse the meat and then run it through a meat grinder with the onions. Grate the cheese using a large-holed grater. Add the egg, tomato puree, salt and spices to the ground beef. Mix until fully combined then pour the water into the bowl and insert the steam tray in. Layer ingredients in the following order: pasta sheet, ground meat, cheese and repeat 4 times.

· Close the lid and press MENU, select STEAM, PRODUCT and MEAT. Press HOUR/MIN and set the COOKING TIME for 30 minutes.

· Press START and cook until the program finishes.