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Main CourseLasagna

Ready in: 30 minutes

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Automatic program: FRY/BAKE



Beef fillet 300 g
Tomato paste 100 g
Hard cheese 70 g
4 lasagna pasta sheets 70 g
Onion 70 g
1 egg 60 g


Rinse the meat. Put meat and onion through a meat grinder. Coarsely grate the cheese. Mix together ground meat, egg, tomato paste, salt, and spices until thoroughly combined. To make the sauce: place butter into the bowl. Select “FRY”, cooking time 10 minutes. 8 minutes before the end of the program add flour. Stirfry for 5 minutes. Continuing to stir, add milk and cook until the program finishes. Pass the sauce through a fine sieve. Layer the ingredients inside the bowl in the following order: sauce (70 g), pasta sheet, ground meat (70 g), grated cheese (15 g). Repeat the layers 4 times. Close the lid. Select “BAKE”, cooking time 20 minutes. Cook until the program finishes.